Doctor Spider-Man: A review of Superior Spider-man #4

Sorry I missed last week. Things happened and I got around to reviewing nothing. I will be back this week in full force!

A month has passed since Doctor Octopus became Spider-Man. He is still striving to become the Superior Spider-Man.


Post contains spoilers!

Over the past few issues Spider-Man has been…changing the way he does things. He has enhanced parts of the suit. He has learned better ways to balance Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Also New York is crawling with Spider-bots. Hell he is even being a superior Peter Parker in a few ways. His spider-bots can even reroute emergencies to the local authorities if he can’t make it. But the truth is..this is not Peter Parker or Spider-Man. He might out perform but there are lines he is starting to cross that he won’t be able to come back from.

These events are already starting to happen all around him. The way he has been handling some fights are starting to go a little dark side. Now with the news that Aunt May might not be able to walk without the use of a cane he might turn to some nasty science. He calls Max in to check out his new invention. An Exo-Limb, shockingly it looks and works a lot like Doctor Octopus’ arms. He wants to jump right to human trails. So pretty much he is turning to mad science and completely forgetting how things are Horizon work. But the real blow is about to come, Doctor Octopus realize that Peter Parker never finished his Doctorate. Doctor Octopus is now just an octopus.

While people around Peter are starting to worry, Massacre has just escaped and is running free. Before word gets to Spider-Man, Peter Parker returns to school. Right as he gets everything worked out with the school, he gets the call about Massacre. Now Spider-Man showed him mercy once and that might have been a mistake. But what Doctor Spider-Man is planning is killing him. To be far, Massacre lives up to the name but Spider-Man is not a killer. However, things are about to get even worse for Spider-man. Hob Goblin is back!

I am still on the fence about this whole thing. After Amazing Spider-Man #700, I don’t think anyone really knew what was going to happen. But the whole thing with Peter’s ghost hanging around each issue is getting old already. I mean it is like Marvel is on the fence about what they want to do. Personally, I think it was stupid to kill off Peter and do this at all. It was even more stupid to bring Peter’s ghost into the story in the first issue. However, the fact that Peter’s ghost is in the story gives me hopes, which is why I am still reading. I think this should have just been a story arc and not a whole new comic.

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