Please Don’t Suck: A review of Justice League of America #1

Sorry I missed last week. Things happened and I got around to reviewing nothing. I will be back this week in full force!

Drew, Karan, and I have been talking about this issue a lot since it was first announced. Now that it is here we are really hoping it won’t suck.


Post contains spoiler!

Before we get to the team we have some thing to point out. That thing is Amanda Waller. If there is one person in the DCU that I worry about and fear it is Amanda Waller. Since Steve was removed as liaison to the Justice League it has been Waller’s job. But Waller is cunning and ruthless and that is putting it nicely. But while she is now working with the Justice League she wants to have a different league they can count on and fight the Justice League if it ever comes to that. Now Steve doesn’t want any part of this at first, but something about Wonder Woman and Superman kissing changes his mind.

Now lets met the team. It is a very unique line up and for the Justice League America considering some are not from America or even Earth. If DC finds a way to make this team work, it will be amazing. However, the lineup could be a complete flop. First up is Hawkman, who is apparently is now a cop from Thanagar. Not where we last left Hawkman but I like his character in the New 52. Fresh off the Birds of Prey is Katana. Not always a team player but Waller thinks they can convince her. So right off the bat we have some pretty dangerous people on the team.

Next we have someone who I don’t think anyone saw coming. That person is Vibe. Now I had never actually heard of Vibe until I looked him up. In fact, he has been dead for a while. But this is the New 52 and nothing really makes sense! I will say I also read Vibe’s solo issue and it is actually not bad. DC could turn this character around. Next comes Star Girl. Again someone who has been missing from the New 52. She is new to the game but has power. From what they say she is not the first person to hold the Cosmic Staff. Hopefully we will see a lot more of her and her story.

But the fun is just getting started. Waller also wants Martian Manhunter, the new Green Lantern, and Green Arrow. However Steve has someone else in mind apart from Green Arrow. And his choice is the craziest of them all. He wants Catwoman. Waller wants the together by tomorrow, that is when they will announce the team. But Steve has another plan going on. His ‘partner’ is back and hurt bad. Green Arrow went under cover and was attacked. At the start of the issue we see him running through the woods being chased by what looks Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. He was looking into the Secret Society and before he can give a full report he dies. Well there goes that…

So is Green Arrow really dead? Probably not. But it doesn’t seem good for him. I am worried how this team will work. Because while on paper it looks interesting when you think about it there is no way it could work. There is so many things that could go wrong with these people being on the team. It is a good book and I do have high hopes. But I guess we will have to see.



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