Review of Nightwing #17


“I’ve been watching you all week. You’re not ‘fine’.”

***Contains Spoilers***

I am not sure who is in charge of what goes on the cover, the editor? I say this because on the cover for Red Hood and the Outlaws #17 it says “Death of the Family: Aftermath” above the title, just like all the issues in Death of the Family had. On Nightwing #17 it doesn’t have any tag above the title other than the omnipresent “The New 52!”(which after a year and a half isn’t that new). I find this odd becuase this entire issue deals with the aftermath of the Death of the Family crossover. It is the main topic of every conversation that Dick has either as himself or as Nightwing. Everyone from Lucias Fox, to Commissioner Gordon, to Sonia asks him about how he is doing.

Dick may have walked away from the Death of the Family events physically alright(just some bumps and bruises), but financially and emotionally he is far from fine. This issue walks us through the events of the week following Batman #17. Dick’s life is in ruins. The members of the Circus are alive, something that surprised me as well as Dick. WHile that should be reason to rejoice, they have all decided to leave Gotham. I can’t say I blame them. Between the deaths of several members and the fire and everything else, of course they are going to leave. Dick realizes this, but it doesn’t take the pain away. The circus was his last link to his parents and his old life. Also Amusement mile was destroyed by the Joker and as we all know Dick invested every cent he had it’s restoration. The insurance company is paying the bank loan, but Dick has nothing left. Sonia was kind enough to offer to pay for the burial and funeral services for James and Raya.

As I said everyone asks Dick how he is doing and he tells them all the same polite lie, “I’m fine.” We also see Damian stealthy following him all week. Damian caught up with him as Dick was beating the crap of some guys snooping around the burned wreck that used to be Amusement Mile. I’ll talk about those guys in a second. We then go to Dick and Damian swinging through Gotham having a heart to heart. Damian is a great detective(look who his father is) and he was Robin to Dick’s Batman for a year. Damian knows Dick and forces him to face the fact that trusting others is not a weakness. They have a nice heart to heart and agree to get together and play a new video game when it comes out. The relationship between Dick and Damian is an interesting one. It is a brotherly/friend bond. Damian doesn’t really like Jason or Tim and he doesn’t really have any friends. Speaking of friends I am really hoping that he gets to meet the Teen Titans one of these days. THAT will be a great issue.

Back to the guys that Dick nearly killed. These weren’t your random street thugs. The armored suits they were wearing didn’t look cheap. We later see them talking to “the Dealer”, a old man with a mask over his nose and mouth, who has a rather extensive collection of Court of Owls artifacts. They have a Flying Grayson costume covered in Joker graffiti that they want to sell him. Is this guy a member of the Court or merely a collector of their stuff? More on that later, I suppose.

This was a really good issue and one of the rare few that had a cover to actually match the events within. I am not sure what the future holds for Nightwing, I still say he will leave Gotham, strike out on his own somewhere new.

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