Review of Red Hood and the Outlaws #17


“He didn’t make you. I never did either. You made You.”

***Contains Spoilers***

This would not have been a bad issue, hell it would have been a good issue, if it weren’t for Batman #17. As I said in my review of Batman #17, I felt that the Death of the Family crossover was a let down. It lacked the big finish that it had advertised. This issue is billed as “Death of the Family Aftermath”, but for the most part everyone seems fine.

One thing that doesn’t make sense is that everyone is at Wayne Manor. At the end of Batman #17 Bruce invited everyone over and everyone lied and said they couldn’t make it. Here we see Alfred up and about, Jason talking to Bruce(in what passes for a heart to heart for them) and Damian playing football with Roy. Aside from a fridged moment with Jason and Dick the issue doesn’t turn bad until the last few pages.

It seems that the Joker had one last laugh planned. We will have to wait until next month to see what exactly happened to Jason. His faces looks burned, but who knows what sort of concoction the Joker used on him.

This issue had some good moments, the only thing that doesn’t make sense is the fact that the Bat Family went from shattered to having a family day.I will be glad to put this Death of the Family stuff behind us and move into some solo stories for awhile. Hopefully the writing can at least have a chance of being consistent.

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