Review of Supergirl #17


“I take no joy in what comes next.”

***Contains Spoilers***

So far in the H’El on Earth storyline SUpergirl has fought the Flash and Superboy. H’El bailed her out in her fight against the Flash and Wonder Woman stopped her from killing Superboy. Well, in this issue we get the joy of seeing Supergirl fight Wonder Woman. Now I say joy not because I hate either Supergirl or Wonder Woman and would enjoy seeing one of them get their ass kicked. I say joy because power-wise they are fairly equally matched and I thought it would be a good fight. I was correct.

The vast majority of this issue was SUpergirl versus Wonder Woman. There were a few pages of H’El fighting SUperman, but that ended with the uppercut to end all uppercuts that sent Superman into orbit. Artist, Mahmud Asrar did a great job showing us these two powerhouses going at it, and Mike Johnson gives us the added bonus of internal dialogue. That is one thing I love about comics, internal dialogue. We all know Supergirl is fairly confident to the point of being cocky. Coming to Earth and gaining superpowers will probably do that to a lot of people. On the outside she talks a big game “You think a rope can stop me?” and “I thought you’d be stronger.”, but on the inside she realizes this is not going to be an easy fight “She looks as strong as Kal.”, “She’s too fast.”.

This is a pretty even fight it goes back and forth for a while. However in the end experience wins. As Wonder Woman says they are a close match in speed and strength, but Wonder Woman has been training to fight all her life and has years of experience being a super heroine. Supergirl has been at this for about a year. Maybe if this fight happened in about five years things may go differently.

Next week the H’El on Earth cross over ends in Superman #17. The Justice League is busy trying to run damage control as the Star Chamber threatens to destroy our solar system. Superman was launched off the Earth and Wonder Woman may have finally turned Supergirl against H’El, but can the two of them hold him off while Superboy attempts to stop the Star Chamber? Also where was Diana keeping that sword(in the final panel we see here approaching H’El with a sword in her hand)?


2 Responses to “Review of Supergirl #17”

  1. “Also where was Diana keeping that sword(in the final panel we see here approaching H’El with a sword in her hand)?”

    In issue #15 of the Wonder Woman comic book, her divine half-brother, Hephaestus, modifies her bracelets so that swords will appear out of them when she needs them.

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