Going into space! A review of Deadpool #5

Sorry I missed last week. Things happened and I got around to reviewing nothing. I will be back this week in full force!

Deadpool continues to be awesome! Time to hunt down Reagan…in space!


Post contains spoilers!

Deadpool just got done with Lincoln but there is no time to rest! Reagan has found his way onto an old weapon platform in space. Sadly, with all the resources they have, they can’t get Deadpool into space fast enough. That is where Michael comes in. He can get Deadpool up there but Deadpool will have to find his own way back to Earth. How hard could that be right? Now I don’t know what the Russians were doing up there but Reagan and Deadpool are not alone. Seems they left some monkeys up there. Deadpool tries to help them out and free them….but they are hungry for man.

Now let’s get back to what Reagan is actually working on. We know that all the presidents want to see the United States burn. Reagan’s plan is to nuke it from space. This is not a good thing. It is as far from good as you can get. But Deadpool is insane. And insane actually works well in impossible situations.Now Reagan is not an idiot. He knows that Deadpool will keep coming at him until one of them is dead. Destroying the missile controls is his first move after hitting the big red button to ensure that the United States gets nuked.

So the United States is about to be nuked and Deadpool has to fight evil space monkeys and Reagan. Sounds like a normal day for Deadpool actually. The question becomes, how do I save the world and not die. Then it hits him, he might not be the smartest but Deadpool knows a whole lot about crashing things. If the station breaks up in orbit, the nukes can’t blow the states. However, that still leave Reagan and getting out a problem. For Reagan he is going to become spaghetti. And by spaghetti I mean Deadpool shoots some holes in the hull and Reagan gets sucked out. Deadpool finds some crazy Russian weapon suit to guide him back to Earth. And when I say crazy I mean crazy. It looks like a spacesuit plus a jet engine and some Gatling guns. But Deadpool does make it to Earth in enough pieces to live.

Deadpool gets picked up by Agent Preston and they are waiting to find out their next move. There is a real touching moment here actually. She starts thanking Deadpool for all the work he has been doing. It doesn’t really stick until what happens next. Washington and some of his goons have found them. This is the first time I have ever seen or heard Deadpool do something like this. Washington grabs Preston by the throat and Deadpool drops everything. When I saw everything I mean everything, he offers himself for Preston. But it changes nothing, Washington kills her. Deadpool snaps and really starts messing them up but Washington turns out to be a badass. In the end, there is nothing to do but for Michael to teleport them out. Things were bad but things are really looking bad.

Can we take a second and just think about how great Deadpool has been. It is easily one of my favorite Marvel titles and this arc has just been flawless. Do you guys think we should have Deadpool run around killing evil resurrected presidents? YES! I am bummed to see Preston bite the dust. She was a good person to Deadpool and he doesn’t always get to have friends. But as this story starts to come to a close, I wonder what is next for Deadpool and if Marvel can keep up the awesome.


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