Review of Red Lanterns #17


“No. There’s a quicker way–the Atrocitus Way!”

***Contains Spoilers***

You all know(or at least you would if you have read our previous reviews of Red Lanterns) that we love Atrocitus. He is a supreme bad ass. He can literally punch through the fabric of space. Take a moment to think on that. He has lived for thousands of years(most likely he is immortal), he is well versed in the rites of blood magic, and he is the creator and leader of the Red Lanterns. I have said it before, but it bears repeating, Atrocitus is one of the most powerful beings in the DCU. In this issue he meets one of the others, Volthoom.

It may have looked like he was helping the other Corps when he sent the reprogrammed Manhunters to assault Oa and the Third Army, but really he was just distracting the Guardians. He did this because he knew their true weakness. Long ago the Guardians actually stripped themselves of emotion and stored it in something called the Great Heart. They hid it away on the planet Maltus, deep under the planet’s surface. Artocitus’ plan was to destroy the Great Heart and return emotion to the Guardians. It was a good plan. He smashed through the automated defenses easily enough. He made his way to the Great Heart and made ready to enact his revenge on the Guardians of the Universe. That is until Volthoom stops him.

I want to point out that prior to this we have always seen Volthoom on the offensive. Even with Kyle, someone he spoke of as a potential equal, he attacked first and never bothered to ask questions. With Atrocitus he introduces himself and says he will change his world. With the Green Lanterns he only told them he would feed on their emotions so that he could reshape the universe. It almost seems like he wants to work with Atrocitus instead of against him. This makes sense if you think about it. Sure, Volthoom could feed off of his rage and leave him drained like he did to Kyle. But this way he gains an ally. These are the two beings in existence that hate the Guardians the most, and they are also two of the most powerful beings in existence. Not a good time to be one of the Guardians.

I am very excited to see where this leads. There is still so much we do not know or understand about Volthoom, but we do know that he is very powerful and very angry. Sound like anyone else you know? I was a little disappointed that we don’t know what happened with Dex Starr. I know he is going after Midnighter and Stormwatch, if anyone holds a grudge it is a Red Lantern. Also Atrocitus does not yet know that the Inversions are back. Don’t you just hate it when a pissed off ex –girlfriend shows up out of the blue? Or in this course rises from the dead from beneath your central power battery.

Rankorr has stepped up his game, back on Earth. Not only can he make constructs, but he can manipulate the color. Usually a construct is the color of the Corps member creating it(blue, green, yellow, etc). He covers himself in a construct that makes him appear to be a normal human, but how long can he hold it? Also, what is Bleez going to do about it?

There is a lot happening in this book and I like where it is going. I really hope that Atrocitus goes after Stormwatch, which he definitely will if they harm Dex Starr. That cat is one of the few beings that I think Atrocitus actually cares about.

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