Review of Avengers Arena #5


“Cocky is the only reason I’m alive. Sorry if you don’t like the look of it.”

***Contains Spoilers***

Apparently Arcade felt the same way I did. He wanted some action in this comic. Last issue was good, but issue #3 was fairly dull. We haven’t had a confirmed kill since early in issue #2. The front of this issue lists Juston and Darkhawk as “?” No body equals no murder, right? So he has them all scramble to “safe zones” with the promise of food and medical supplies. Is he telling the truth or just messing with them? Only time will tell. I would like to point out something I noticed when they showed Arcade. He was seated in a chair and he had a few cables running from a machine that go up under his jacket. His connection to the virtual reality they are trapped in? That is my theory and I thought it was funny that a couple of the kids on the island suspect the same thing, but who knows at this point?

Much like an episode of Survivor alliances are forming and dissolving on a daily basis. It is the logical result when everyone knows that in the end there can be only one winner. I expect things to start picking up now. Is Death Locket behind the disapperance of Darkhawk and Juston? Does she realize she attacked Reptil? Either way I am going to stick with my theory that she makes the top five, X-23 will make it to the top three. I see Kid Briton being taken out by his girlfriend. Those are my predictions, sorry this review took so long.


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