Death Reborn: A review of Swamp Thing #18

Swamp Thing and Animal Man may have stopped Arcane but now they must go back and make sure he never has a chance to destroy the world.


Post contains spoilers!

Rot World ended last month and it left both Swamp Thing and Animal Man in a weird place. While they had saved the world, it was not their world. Their loved ones were long dead and twisted by Arcane. However, Arcane has now gone back to start all over again until he gets it right and wins.  Our heroes are helped by the Parliament of Decay to stop Arcane. It could be a trap but they are out of options. Both Swamp Thing and Animal Man jump in a portal to stop Arcane once and for all!

Right as Arcane was about to kill Abby, Swamp Thing comes bursting into the picture! Full with rage and sorrow he grabs Arcane and rips him in half! He isn’t dead but it has bought them time. Arcane is beyond death but their might be a way to stop him. The Parliament of Decay might be able to take Arcane’s power but they can only manage it if they have a new avatar. It has long been Abby’s place to become an avatar but she has run from it all her life, fearing that she would become just like Arcane. But now it is the only way to stop him. Alec must kill her before Arcane can find them.

It pains him deeply to even consider it but he can not let Rot World happen. Right as the Parliament takes her in, Arcane from the future comes bursting in. Now he is much stronger than him past self and proves a hard fight for Alec. He pretty much becomes a play thing for Arcane. He kills Alec’s human body but as he turns to the Parliament he is greeted by Abby in her new form. With all his power gone the Parliament takes him.

Later Swamp Thing wakes in the Grove back with his own Parliament. He is not really Alec Holland any more. His human body is gone and he has fully become green. Normally this would be the time where he would join the Parliament but he has been granted to stay if he wishes. However he has a visitor before he chooses. Abby is there in her new form(Which looks badass by the way. Very Angel of Death) along with both of their human bodies. While Swamp Thing and Abby can never be together, at least Alec and Abby can rest together forever. The two share one last kiss and Abby leaves. It is unclear if the two will ever cross paths again.

Alec is left with two paths. Sit and root with the Parliament or continue on as the Avatar. What comes is shocking because he chooses to stay. For a most of his life, Alec has run from the Green. And those times he has given in he has lost everything he holds dear. He has been destroyed and brought back a number of times. But there is another side to this cycle, and that is rebirth. Each time he is destroyed he is reborn again. And many times in ways that shock him and the Parliament. While he has nothing else to lose now and is very tired..He will continue on as the avatar. He admits that he would be a fool to deny a chance at a renewed life!

So while Alec Holland has lost everyone, including his human life, he presses on. It shows how far he has come in both his personality and his understanding of the Green since issue #1. Now the Parliament of Trees does mention that someone out there(A girl) can take his place, but she is not quite ready yet…I wonder who it could be or if we will ever find out? I will say that I love Swamp Thing and I can’t wait for what comes next!(Maybe running into the JLD? Yes please!)

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