Review of Cable and X-force #5


“I got bikes on top of bikes. i do NOT have a big-time, future-man, laser cannon.”

***Contains Spoilers***

As I may have mentioned before(and you may have assumed) James and I usually call/text each other on Wednesday night to discuss that week’s comics. One of the first things I told him last week was that this issue confirmed that Dr. Nemesis is my favorite Marvel character. I would gladly buy his solo title, although I agree with James that he and Forge should do a team up book. The issue, as a whole was very good. It is a transition issue, showing the team enjoying their downtime and Cable recruiting them on their new, ongoing mission. Dr. Nemesis needed a little convincing(who doesn’t want to fly in a spaceship?) and Colossus decided to turn himself in. I assume on of the team’s first goals will be to free the big guy(against his will). Dawn wants to join, but Cable wants her to at least have a chance at as normal a life as she can have. I understand where he is coming from, but I don’t think she will stay away for long.

Back to Dr. Nemesis and Forge, after playing an arcade game in the middle of a junk yard(nice), they decide to up the stacks. I love what bored super-geniuses do when they get bored. Dr. Nemesis is the perfectly blend of genius, madman, and comedian. Although this team is fairly small it is rather well rounded. I think that was the intent, to have a small, elite team that could accomplish a variety of missions without bringing in a lot of people. Just between Forge and Nemesis you have anything mechanical or biological covered, plus they can both hold their own in a fight. Not to mention they provide comic relief. Domino can do combat and infiltration, Colossus is your tank, and Cable is your leader/back-up tank/fighter.

This is a great book about a group of misfit renegades who are trying to save the world, even though it is against them. I’m looking forward to where this leads.


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