Review of Nightwing #18


“But I want you to know…you were right. I know what makes me who I am…and I’m not going to change that.”

***Contains Spoilers***

The last couple of weeks have been rough on Dick Grayson. In the span of just over two weeks he has lost all of his money, his Amusement park, his circus quit and left town and one of the people closest to him was murdered. And as if that wasn’t enough, now he learns that the man who killed his parents(whom he thought was dead and buried) is alive and well.

Most of this issue deals with Dick trying to cope with all of the lose in his life, especially Damian. Damian was more than a partner to him, he was like a younger brother. Damian was the person in issue #17 that got Dick to cheer up and see a bright point in the future after the lose of Amusement Mile and the circus. Who can help him get over Damian’s death? Sonia and Bruce each help in their own way. Sonia helps through opening up about her own pain and lose. Bruce helps by letting Dick beat the crap out of people that stole his father’s old performance suit.

Dick comes to the realization that the best way to honor Damian’s memory and move past his loss, is to be the man that Damian wanted him to be. Dick’s attitude begins to improve, until Sonia tells him what she learned six months ago. Tony Zucco is alive.

Well, it looks like Dick is going to Chicago. I think a hunt of Tony Zucco is just what Dick needs right now. He can go to a new place, meet new people, and get some closure. Everybody wins, except for Tony.

I really liked this issue. The loss of Damian hit all of the Bat-Family hard, but aside from Bruce(and maybe Alfred), no one was hit harder than Dick. They fought together as Batman and Robin, they fought together as Nightwing and Robin. Dick was the last person to talk to Damian before he was killed. I am glad he has found some peace on that front. Now he just has to revisit some earlier pain.


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