review of Green Lantern: New Guardians #18


“I remember! This isn’t supposed to be this way!”

***Contains Spoilers***

This issue reminds us that one should never underestimate the New Guardians. When I first saw the cover I was concerned that we would have to endure another cookie cutter issue of Volthoom feeding off of someones emotions by showing them what their lives could have been. DOn’t get me wrong, it was interesting with Kyle, and a little with Guy, but by the time John and Fatality went through it the whole thing seemed to be getting a little played out for me. This issue starts off that way. Volthoom is trying to trick Carol, Saint Walker and Larfleeze into believing that the false worlds are real, but he is running into a problem. They revert to their real selves. The reason that these three individuals are so powerful in their respective corps is that the do not simply wield the emotion they embody it.

No matter what Volthoom does to Larfleeze he always reverts to his greedy, Agent Orange self. Showing Saint Walker his family being assimilated by the Third Army just makes him turn to hope and remember he is “the” Blue Lantern. Saint Walker is one of my favorite characters and as Volthoom points out he is often underestimated by his enemies.

We do not see anything of Arkillo, and Volthoom says his next “New Guardian” target is a Red Lantern. Does he mean Bleez? she hasn’t really been with the group since issue #12, Atrocitus maybe? We find out in next week’s Red Lantern #18. I am looking forward to Volthoom and Atrocitus going against each other. I think Volthoom is more powerful over all, but let’s not underestimate the guy who literally tore a whole in space all to rescue someone he doesn’t even like. I am going to guess that the New Guardians will be key in defeating Volthoom. Kyle still has mastery over the 7 primary emotions, most of the other members are the most powerful members in their corps.

I also found it interesting that Volthoom kept referring to the group as the New Guardians. I don’t think anyone has ever called them that before.

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