Review of Red Hood and the Outlaws #18


“But the one thing I never apologize for…is taking a chance on you.”

***Contains Spoilers***

I was dissapointed in this issue for several reasons. Which is not overly surprising with a book written by Scott Lobdell(i’m not his biggest fan). First of all this issue has a “Requiem” cover, just like the rest of the Bat-Family books, in memory of Damian’s death. The difference is that in those other issues the characters were seen dealing with his death. This issue takes place before Damian dies. Which makes other things in the issue make no sense. Most of the issue is a fevered dream, but in part of it Jason(dressed as Wingman) is talking to Bruce and apologizes for failing him while in Batman Inc. Maybe there was some other mission we don’t know about, besides Damian’s death wasn’t Jason’s fault.

Another thing is that Bruce says that Jason was “nearly burned to death by acid”, but Alfred says that there is no physical damage. So Joker rigged Jason’s mask to hit him with acid that leaves no physical marks, and knocks him out for a day or two? Seems a little weak, which is fitting given it’s connection to Death of the Family, which had a VERY weak finish, with no lasting effects.

This issue ends with Bruce and Jason reconciling, one of the FEW things that makes a little sense. They make nice here and then Bruce asks Jason to join Batman Inc. OH, wait, that doesn’t make sense because in this issue Jason references already being a member.

Not a great issue, the art is pretty good, but


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