Review of Batman Incorporated #9


“His life was sacrificed needlessly.”

***Contains Spoilers***

There were things I liked about this issue and things I didn’t like. I’ll start with the latter, that way I can finish on an upbeat note. As you all should know(if you read and Bat-Family books, especially this one), Damian died in last month’s issue. So, the first thing I didn’t like is that they fight off the big guy that killed Damian, then grab Damian’s body and book out. Granted Batman and Nightwing were banged up pretty bad, but so was their opponent. Also, let’s not forget that Tim had a tank, a fracking TANK!. I guess I expected more of a fight. Also one of the over lying problems is the timing.

The problem with having multiple crossovers all coming out at the same time is that you limit your self(as a writer) with too much information. For example, I know from reading Nightwing #18 that this whole story arc took place between 1 to 2 weeks after the Death of the Family crossover. Also according to Teen Titans Tim is possessed, maybe they fixed him within a week or two and he’s fine by this point. ALso I assume that the whole “Batman is no longer welcome in Gotham City thing” blows over because in Batman #18 and Batman and Robin #18 that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Nothing is perfect, let’s try to focus on some things that I did like. Damian’s funeral was well done. It was small, intimate, it fit. Also I am glad they acknowledged Knight’s death and even had Squire become the new Knight(did she already have the costume standing by?).

There was also something that I both liked and disliked at the same time. There is a scenes where the British Prime Minister mentions that it is too bad there are no active Lazarus Pits remaining. One of his aides responds “That may not be strictly true” Does this mean that there is a Lazarus Pit still out there? Will they bring Damian back with it? One the one hand I do not want Damian dead, but if the bring him back so soon, than what was the point in killing him in the first place? I do not want them to “Peter Parker” Damian.


One Response to “Review of Batman Incorporated #9”

  1. good review mate 🙂 still not to sure about buying this comic this week with age of ultron coming out, are you going to do a review of teen titans 18? ign gave it a 3.9 but the cover looks awesome? if you dont mind could you check out my blog too? im into comics so it would be nice to gain an audience with the same interests as me?

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