The Bells of Saint John: A review of Doctor Who Series 7 Episode 7

Doctor Who is back and the world is wondering…what is the truth behind Clara Oswin Oswald? Who or what is she and how is that she has now popped up in three different places? It drives us mad and we love it!

Bells of saint john

Post contains spoilers!

Now when we last saw the Doctor it was the Christmas Special. A few things happened there. Mainly the Doctor discovered that the girl he had met in Victorian London was the same girl that he tried saving from the Daleks. Over the years the Doctor has seen some amazing and crazy things but a the same girl being in two different places and dying both times still catches him by surprise. We also hear the word, “Great Intelligence” in the Christmas Special he says it rings a bell but can’t put his finger on it. But after this episode we have something else going on here. I will get back to both these points later. Lets talk about the episode.

The Doctor has been hanging around in 1207 trying to figure out who or what Clara could be and where he could find her next. He hasn’t been having much long until the Bells of Saint John start ringing. The T.A.R.D.I.S.’ phone starts ringing and on the other end is present day Clara. She got his number from a girl in a shop. I will get back to this as well. After hearing her say “Run you clever boy” He realizes who might be on the other end of the phone and rushes to find her. Now of course at first she thinks he is a mad man but after saving her life she starts to warm up to him. This impossible girl is getting ready to run with the Doctor.

The episode itself deals with people’s souls being stolen via wi-fi. Once they try connecting to a certain wi-fi signal they become uploaded and used as some source of power for someone’s client. Now the Doctor was able to save Clara from this fate once but not a second time. After she is downloaded fully he takes the fight to them. Being the man he is he uses the power against them and is able to free those who were under the thrall of the wi-fi. But it does not end there. At the end we find that the master mind behind this whole thing was the “Great Intelligence” again. It seems we might have our villain for the rest of the series. With the day saved the Doctor offers Clara a chance to travel with him. For deep down she has always wanted to travel. The episode ends there and their journey will continue at the Rings of Akhaten!

First thing is first, lets talk about the girl in the shop. Now this could be a number of past people or someone new. Hell we might not even find out who and the fandom will go crazy. I have already seen people saying it was Sally Sparrow or Rose. Both past characters who were in shops. However, only Rose would have the Doctor’s number. For now it is just something else we will have to wait and find out.

Now for Clara. There are tons of fan theories being thrown around but for right now nothing is that clear. We first met her as a Dalek on the prison planet. At that point the Doctor never saw her but heard her. At that point she went by Oswin Oswald. Later the Doctor would met her as Clara. There she died trying to save the family she was taking care of. After she was buried the Doctor sees her full name as Clara Oswin Oswald and things start to fall into place. A girl twice dead in two different places in time. She is impossible and while it drives him mad he loves it. He sets off to find here again. In this episode she goes by Clara Oswald and has no memory of the Doctor. She does come close to death but lives. Now they will travel together. All three times she does have traits that carry over. Like her love for souffles or her computer skills.

The Great Intelligence makes things ever better. Now this is not the first time that the Doctor has run into it and it has been so long that he might have forgotten. The Great Intelligence did not appear on televised Doctor Who for 44 years! Now what makes it really cool that is originally went by Yog-Sothoth, year like the Old God. It is always since its introduction as a Doctor Who villain it has always been trying to take physical form. Maybe Clara will be the perfect host? I am sure the Intelligence and Clara will be the main theme for the rest of Series 7.

Overall I loved the episode and there are lots of little things people have already noticed. I am already a huge fan of Clara and how she works with the Doctor. I can’t wait to find out the truth behind her and see what everything is all about.


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