Taxi Driver: A review of Supernatural Season 8 Episode 19

Kevin has found the second trial and it will be hell compared to the first one.


Post contains spoiler!

Now I think I missed reviewing the last two episodes. The main thing you need to know for this review is that Crowley is on to the boys plans. Naomi is still evil and tricking people. However there is some good news! Cas has broken free from Naomi and is on the run with the Angel Tablet. Sam and Dean have been dealing with people from the past. Both Meg and Krissy returned in the last two episodes. Meg was killed(So sad) and Krissy is now a hunter. But that is old news. Plus Sam and Dean have bigger problems like closing the gates of Hell. So when Kevin calls them and tells them to come right away the boys are happy. That is until they see just how Kevin is doing. Here is a hint. Kevin not only looks like hell but he is now hearing Crowley’s voice in his head.

It is unclear if Crowley is in his head or if Kevin has just lost it while looking over the tablet. Regardless the experience is very real for him. similar to Sam when he had Lucifer, Kevin has started to hallucinate. So while Kevin might have found out what the second trial but he is far from happy. Turns out that for the second trial, they have to take a soul from Hell and send it to Heaven. Which sounds way harder than they will make it out to be. After asking around for ways into Hell they find themselves asking a rogue reaper for help. It turns out that some reapers do a little side work moving souls around to the planes. Sam goes alone, which Dean is thrilled about, and finds himself in Purgatory. Turns out the reaper will not actually take him into Hell because it is too risky. However he does tell Sam of a door between Hell and Purgatory.

I should also mention that the reaper tells them that Bobby has been in Hell this whole time. Which again they are happy to hear. So it is easy for them to pick a soul to get out of there. Sam finds the door pretty quick and finds Bobby even faster. After a struggle and convincing Bobby that it is really him. The two head back to Purgatory. Naomi confronts Dean and I am shocked he didn’t try to kill her on the spot. To try to gain some trust she tips Dean off that Sam had to go to Purgatory to get to Hell. ┬áBack topside Crowley tracks down the rogue reaper and kills him so that Sam can not get back. After Dean finds the reaper dead he gets desperate and calls on Benny. Given that Benny is a vampire and knows where the portal between Purgatory and Earth is, Dean asks him to go back in for Sam. Benny is quick to say yes. It seems that things have not been going well for him. He neither has a place with humans or vampires. After a touching scene between the two, Dean kills Benny so he can go save his little brother.

Again Benny finds Sam and Bobby pretty quick and shows them the way out. Soon after Bobby is placed in Sam, Benny tells Sam he is staying behind. He ends up fighting off vampires so Sam and can get out and back to Earth. Sam makes it out and finds Dean waiting for him. After telling him about Benny the two free Bobby’s soul. But right as it starts to leave Crowley shows up. But as he gets ready to attack Naomi shows up. The two start to argue about who has the better claim to the soul and in the end Crowley leaves. Naomi leaves the boys in the woods and Bobby’s soul goes to Heaven. While the second trial they head┬áback to check on Kevin.

However Kevin is getting worse. What happens next may or may not have happened. Crowley finds Kevin, tell him that they killed his mother, and you can start to hear Kevin scream in pain. The boys come back and see the place cleaned out. Both Kevin and all his notes on the demon tablet are gone. The two assume that he snapped and ran off. Now I say it might not have happened because Crowley shatters two windows when with demon wards when he comes in. However when Sam and Dean come back the windows are back. Crowley could have cleaned up his mess or Kevin could have thought it all happened.

Also I know they only have so much time for an episode and they told Sam he only had 24 hours to get in and out. He makes it back at the last-minute but I found it a little unbelievable that he found Bobby in Hell that fast. But that might just be me being picky. I now have to wonder what will happen next. Without Kevin or the Tablet they don’t know the third trial. Cas is still missing with the Angel Tablet, and we haven’t seen nearly enough of Garth or the Batcave! With four more episodes for the season left I wonder how they will wrap it all up!


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