Before Murder World: A review of Avengers Arena #7

Normally Avengers Arena is Drew’s to review but he is gone for another week or two so I am here to give you my thoughts! We take a step back from teenage heroes killing each other and learn where this all started.


Post contains spoilers!

Now I don’t know a ton about Arcade but I know from talking with Drew and reading that this kind of evil usually isn’t his style. From the start we have been wondering how he manged to set this whole thing up and pull it off without no one knowing or stopping him yet. I mean while I haven’t heard of all of them before, these aren’t no name characters. This issue shows us where it all began. That fateful night that set everything in motion! This is the truth beginning of Murder World!

It all starts with a past birthday of Arcade’s. All different kinds of super villains have come to the party. While none of them can really stand Arcade, it is free food and a good place for networking. Arcade knows this and tries to get in on the gossip. This quickly backfires on him. He wants to hear all the gossip going around but in the end it is people just talking about how they can’t stand him. When he is at his lowest he is caught off guard by an assassination attempt from his assistant( To be fair he did ask her to try).

Arcade lives but his pride is wounded. He starts to see that he has always been a nobody and starts down a dark path. His whole system of playing games is always rigged for him to win and on the chance he loses he makes excuses. He starts to see that there is no point to it all. He fires his assistant because he is done with Murder World. He gives her his island near Barbados and they part ways.

Sometime down the road Arcade has a run in with Constrictor, who he attacked and humiliated at his party. Constrictor has come to get even but quickly sees that Arcade is at a new low and doesn’t even fight back. However he tricks Constrictor into killing himself with an old trap. Arcade realizes that he isn’t done yet. He has just had his best idea yet. He can remove himself from the game and leave people with the tools of their own destruction. He loads the gun and gives it to them, but doesn’t pull the trigger. He goes to Ms. Coriander his old assistant for help with his new plan for Murder World.

The two get to work and in the middle of Antarctica, Arcade’s vision is finished. Using the system that is connected to his suit he can control everything that happens there. Ms. Coriander has already set everything up. All the need to do is fill it with people and Murder World is ready! It is completely sick and twisted by Arcade is thrilled. And as we have seen from the past six issues, he plan is working.

Well that solves one thing. Drew and I have been wondering if this was really happening at all. It seems that it is not VR or anything. The kinds are there and Arcade is using different kinds of tech to control the world around them. The real question is how long will he be able to get away with this. You know people are looking for these kids by now. Like I said before they are not no name characters. Plus we have yet to see if the kids will figure this all out or if at the end Arcade will have won his biggest battle yet.




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