The Great Escapist! A review of Supernatural Season 8 Episode 21

Supernatural’s eighth season is coming to a close and that means major plot developments and things getting wrapped up. Team Free Will is getting back together and the third trial is really going to be a pain.


Post contains spoilers!

I have been spotty on my reviews. I missed the last two episodes but boy were they good ones. We saw the return of Charlie(Felicia Day’s character) among other things. Good news too! She lived through another episodes! But let’s get back to the story at hand. The boys are still on the hunt for Kevin and are having no luck at all. Naomi is still on the hunt for Cas and the angel tablet. Meanwhile Crowley has his own plans for just about everyone. While Cas has his the angel tablet, the demon tablet is still split into two pieces. While Kevin has hidden one, Crowley still has the other. It has become a game of tablets and right now there is one major player who has yet to join in…the writer himself…. Metatron.

Kevin is being tricked by Crowley to decode his half of the demon tablet. But Kevin was in advanced placement and is not so easily fooled. In time he realizes what Crowley is doing to him and tricks his demon goons into a trap. Crowley isn’t too happy about that. But we will get back to them later. Lets talk about Cas for a quick minute. Cas has been using restaurants as a weapon. See most chain restaurants are so similar that it is actually making it hard for the other angels to track Cas. It is a little ridiculous but brilliant on Cas’ part. However there is a flaw in his plan. He is using one chain and eventually he gets caught. Angels slaughter everyone in the restaurant and set a trap for Cas. When Naomi gets her hands on Cas and she doesn’t hold back. Things are fine and dandy until Crowley shows up. Turns out he has an angel in his pocket. Ion is working for him and helps Crowley get Cas along with the angel tablet. Now Crowley thinks more outside the box than Naomi and is able to find the angel tablet(Which Cas had hidden inside himself).

Now Crowley has half of the demon tablet along with the angel tablet. Not only that but he has Kevin to read them. Or at least that would have been the plan until Kevin ruined it by finding out that Crowley was tricking him. But I know what you are thinking right now. What about Sam and Dean? Well they are alive and sort of well. Sam is getting worse and there is nothing Dean can do about it. As tension between the brothers start to rise, they get a message from Kevin. It seems he had a video ready to send with his notes on the tablet if  something were to happen to him. They try to make sense of his notes but they can’t really find anything. That is until Sam sees a symbol he has seen before back in school. Metatron left his signature on the tablet and it is the same as an old Native American symbol. Has the scribe of God been hiding in the Midwest this whole time? Lets find out!

They track him down but he is not what they thought he would be. Metatron has been hiding so deep that he didn’t even know who Sam and Dean are or that all the Archangels were out of the picture. Metatron first went into hiding shortly after God left them. The Archangels had such big daddy issues and wanted to take everything for themselves with the help of the tablets. But Metatron wouldn’t be used like that so he hid. And he never stopped hiding. But in typical Winchester fashion they yell at Metatron and bring him into the fray. He is able to snag Kevin away from Crowley along with the other half of the demon tablet. Not only that…but they know what the third trial is! They must cure a demon! Oh and Cas was able to get away and finds Sam and Dean. So while they nothing about curing a demon, they have Cas back with them!

So a quick recap of what happened. Naomi is pissed and Crowley is pissed. Meanwhile Sam and Dean are so close to one of the biggest wins they have ever had. They finally know the third trial! They have Cas back with them. Plus Kevin is safe for now and Metatron could possibly be helping them too. Now I want to know, what does curing a demon do. More importantly who are they going to cure. Any demon they have come close to being friends with is dead. Do you think maybe they will cure Crowley? I guess we will have to wait and find out. I am just happy that things might finally start looking up for the Winchesters. 

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