Amazing vs Superior: A review of Superior Spider-man #9

I have been battling with this title more than Peter has been fighting Doctor Octopus. I am still not 100% sure I enjoy it. I want to keep holding out for Peter but I am worried I won’t make it.



Post contains spoilers!

Doctor Octopus, better known as Superior Spider-Man these days has finally discovered that a small part of Peter Parker was still living inside Peter’s old body. However now he has his old Neurolitic Scanner and plans on getting rid of any trace of Peter Parker for good. But Peter isn’t going to go down without a fight. This might be the final show down between Peter Parker and Doctor Octopus. Whoever comes out the winner here will be Spider-man. But will it be the Amazing or the Superior?

Most of the issue takes place in the actual head of Peter Parker or well at least it was his head. Peter is in a vision of New York City and his whole world starts crashing around him. As things crumble he can feel his memory slip away. But Peter Parker has been through hell in his years as Spider-Man, he is a fighter. So Doctor Octopus goes inside the mind and enters the fray himself. But it doesn’t end there. Both of these men have been inside the mind and memories of Peter Parker and they are going to use them. While Peter calls upon his friends and family. Doctor Octopus calls upon the villains that Spider-man fought over the years.

As the battle rages both men shed their identities and it becomes Spider-man vs Spider-Man. Both of the men battle for the mantle but who has the better claim to it? Of course we want Peter back but you can’t deny that Doctor Octopus hasn’t done well. He has gone against some things Peter stood for and maybe doesn’t treat people like he should. But he has done well balancing Peter Parker and Spider-man. Not only that but he has the police and the mayor on his side which is rare for any hero. But I think we can all agree that it isn’t Spider-man. However, has Peter strayed for his path? He tried stopping Doctor Octopus from saving that little girl. He knew that if Doctor Octopus saved her he would be given the scanner and find Peter in his mind.

In the end, it is this one wavering moment that is Peter’s undoing. His strength failed and it cost him everything. Doctor Octopus won and Peter’s mind starts to go. In the end he couldn’t even remember his own name. It is a sad scene. Doctor Octopus wakes up in his lab and is free of Peter’s ghost. It seems in the end that he was the Superior Spider-man.

But will this really be the end? At the end of Amazing Spider-man we thought Peter was done for yet at the end of the first issue of Superior Spider-man he made his return. I really do wonder how this will continue. I love Spider-man, I really do, but I am not sure I can keep reading this if Doctor Octopus is in control.

One Response to “Amazing vs Superior: A review of Superior Spider-man #9”

  1. Good review. I thought the whole “one wavering moment” thing was crap though. Peter’s done the right thing for as long as he’s been alive and the one time he acts selfishly he’s punished totally and completely while Otto’s given free reign based on one or two good actions. It’s backwards as all hell to me but I guess that’s the entire point of this series.

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