You Made How Many? A review of Iron Man 3

Now I didn’t get to go see Iron Man 3 at midnight like all the cool kids. Mostly because I forgot the date and I am bad at making plans. But I did watch the movie, minus the bonus scene.

ironman 3

Post contains spoilers!

Iron Man 3 is finally here! One of many big movies coming out in 2013 and easily one of the ones I wanted to see the most. I haven’t got a chance to see it in theaters yet but lets just say I have seen it(Minus the bonus scene) That being said, I will still go out and pay money to see it. I personally thought it was fantastic but it has been getting mixed reviews by different people and I will go into my thoughts about that. I can say I personally loved it for different reasons. It kept me on the edge of my seat and had me roaring with laughter. Pepper Potts completely steals the spotlight in some scenes and even Tony knows it. So lets actually talk about the movie.

The movie itself introduces a few different things from the Marvel Universe. These things include Extremis, The Mandarin, A.I.M., and a few other characters. Extremis is pretty well know to Iron Man fans and is basically a hack for the human body. A.I.M. is one of many terrorist groups in the Marvel Universe. However in the film it is their early days and no one as caught on to there bigger plans. As for the Mandarin he was made out to be the major villain of the movie and for the most part he is, but there is a twist in the movie that has upset fans a lot and turned off a lot of people from the movie completely.

Between the villains there are a lot of side characters that either get built upon or are completely new. Of course there is Pepper who is now living with Tony and is dealing with their relationship. It is not easy dating Iron Man and the events of Avengers have left Tony a little scarred. We also have the return of War Machine, who has a new paint job and renamed Iron Patriot. There is also the character of Harley Keener. A small boy who helps Tony out when he is thought dead and left with nothing. Now most of the time this kind of character would have been annoying to me but at times he stole the show. He has enough sassy to keep up and even show up Tony. We also see characters like Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian, who are both involved with the creation of Extremis.

The movie itself deals with threats growing in our world and the impact of the events of Avengers on Tony. The Mandarin is on a campaign against America and is using video broadcasts to strike fear into the hearts of many. When Happy, Tony’s old bodyguard is hurt in one of the attacks, things become personal. This leads to an attack on Tony’s house and the world thinking he is dead. I think as children when we first learn about superheroes we see them as untouchable. I mean these are people of incredible power that we look up to and it is things like this that show the importance of secret identities. After the attack Tony is left to work with very little and it is only with the help of Harley that is he is able to bounce back.

Now I have heard a few people get upset about this next part. Yet for me and Drew it was a nice touch and showed Tony as a very human character. This is the fourth movie we have seen Tony in action. But Avengers was a different level of action compared to his other fights. Before New York, Tony was fighting people in other suits. But when he fought with the Avengers he was fighting aliens and even flew into space through a wormhole. The events left him with a form of PTSD and at times he had severe anxiety attacks. I have seen some people say this is out of character for Tony. Someone is so cocky as Tony wouldn’t break from seeing aliens. However I liked it. But people are allowed to have their own view points.

Along the same line, a lot of the movie we see Tony outside of the Iron Man suit. Showing that even without his suit, he is still Iron Man. It was a nice touch to the character. To help cope with the events of Avengers, Tony has been building different suits. Most of the time this would be awesome but he is not sleeping and the amount of time he spends working it putting a strain on his relationship with Pepper. In the movie, Tony is up to 42 different suits. However in the end he gets rid of them all as a sign to Pepper that he is moving on and he is more than just a suit.

This contains major plot spoilers, skip this paragraph if you don’t want to know. 

As for the Mandarin, a lot of people are not happy about how they did his character. He is a well-known Iron Man villain with different rings that have different powers. There could have been a sweet show down between him and Tony. However in the movie they take a completely different approach to him. When Tony finally finds the Mandarin, it turns he is just an actor hired by Killian to play the Mandarin. Later while fighting Tony, Killian would call himself the true Mandarin, even though he is just super powered with Extremis. I can see how and why this upset comic fans. But personally I just laughed because the actor playing the Mandarin, Tony, and Rhodes just look so confused during the whole scene.

As a wrap up, I loved the movie and I think people should see it. But as with any movie, fans will go in with their own judgments and thoughts on how things should be done. I completely can understand why a long time Iron Man fan might not enjoy the movie but other than the twists and turns they did it is a very well done movie. R.D.J. continues to prove that he was born to play this role, the effects are amazing and there a lot of great scenes with armor swapping. I suggest you go into the movie with an open mind.


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