Review of Avengers Arena #9


“Whatever it is. I’m saying kill it before it kills you.”

***Contains Spoilers***

When one reads comic books one needs to suspend their disbleif. You need to accept that the same rules that govern our existence to not necessarily apply to the world that you are reading about. People have superpowers, aliens exist, and all sorts of things. I can accept those things. I can even wrap my head around time travel and alternate dimensions. Issues like this push my limits though.

It seems that Apex is not just Katy, but also her brother Tim. Apparently their parents paid a bunch of scientists to make a “Superhuman baby”. They have seperate personalities, which I could accept. Katy is the evil, conniving, bitch and Tim is the kind, honest gentleman. The thing that gets me is not the dual persona thing, but the fact that when the Katy personality is in charge the body they share is female, but when Tim takes over the body changes to a male. It’s like Glory/Ben from season 5 of Buffy. Only at least Glory/Ben was explained by magic. Magic always seems an easier solution to science. I see NO scientific basis even in a super human filled world where for a split personality person who gender swaps as each personality takes over.

And of course after hearing the sob story of how poor Tim was forced to watch as Katy nearly killed Juston and used Death Locket as a puppet, they decide to let him live, and remain unrestrained, not even guarded. They even banish Chase from the group for telling them it was a bad idea. Anyone want to guess what happened? Katy took control and killed Juston and knocked out Nico once everyone was asleep.

I understand not wanting to kill an innocent man, or one who claims to be innocent. They have no real reason to trust this guy that they just met. He could have been a really good actor for all they know. What I know is that if they had killed him that Juston would still be alive an a homicidal bitch would not be on the loose, with a grudge.

2 Responses to “Review of Avengers Arena #9”

  1. There is also no scientific basis for gaining Spider-Powers from a radioactive Spider either. Science works just as well as magic since this is fiction.

    Besides, the same time of story has been done with a scientific explanation. Ever heard of Dr.Jerkyl and Ms.Hyde.

    And Tim is an innocent man and Nico and the others do not like killing and if they had killed Tim, they would be no better than Katy.

    • I understand that there is no scientific basis for most of what occurs in comics. For some reason the whole gender swap thing just seems too far for me. To each their own.

      I get that they don’t want to kill Tim. However #1 all they have to go on is his word. For all they know he is just as evil as Katy and is lying to them. #2 they should have kept him under guard since they had no guarantee that Katy would not reassert control and kill people(like she did).

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