Review of Green Lantern Corps #20


“You know, lots of colors, blasting, blood, screaming, surround-sound destruction, widescreen mayhem, good versus evil, stuff that makes epic epic.”

***Contains Spoilers(more than usual)***

This issue is an epilogue to the epic crossover that spanned over 30 issues over 8 months and ends in two weeks. Wait, it ends in two weeks a week and a half with Green Lantern #20, so why is the epilogue coming out this week? Because DC Comics, that’s why.

On the plus side there is not an abundance of spoilers regarding the conclusion of the Wrath of the First Lantern crossover. However, here is a list of things that we now know for certain;
-The Guardians are dead, it seems at Sinestro’s hand.
-John, Guy, Kilowog, Salaak, Mogo, Fatality and Saint Walker are alive and well.
-The Blue Lanterns have a new home.

We still do not know;
-How Volthoom was defeated or his fate.
-What happened to Kyle and the other New Guardians
-What happened to Hal, Sinestro or Simon.
The good news is that these questions should be answered in some form when Green Lantern #20 and New Guardians #20 come out.

This was a pretty good issue. We got some closure of the whole Xar thing. Surprising for DC to remember to wrap up a minor plot pint, but I like surprises. Seeing Guy take sometime off was nice. I would have liked to see him take Saint Walker to the baseball game, it’s the least he could do after dragging him away from his recruitment drive. I didn’t really catch it right away, but when we first see Saint Walker in this issue he is on Oa talking to a group of Green Lanterns. He says he is trying to give them hope after the huge conflict they just went through. Intentional or not it did seem like a recruitment speech, the Blue Lanterns need people too(being one of the smallest corps).

Now we do not have all the details of what happened, but was this really the best time for Guy to take a vacation? I get that he probably needed some time to process all of what he went through, everyone involved would. But, if the Guardians are dead doesn’t that leave the Green Lantern Corps leaderless? Wouldn’t Guy s one of the senior lanterns be expected to help guide the junior lanterns and help establish some sort of order? Maybe Hal and Kyle are handling it? If they are still around.

The John/Fatality love scene was to be expected, although it got a little weird when they pointed out that the were rolling around naked on Mogo. Does that make it a threesome? I think it’s one of those things that is best not dwelled on too much.

I do not know why DC did not just swap the release of this issue with Green Lantern #20, or just push this issue back two weeks. I know a lot of people on-line were confused. Part of me didn’t want to read it, but there was no way I was going to go two weeks without reading it. Fortunately, as I mentioned earlier, there wasn’t too much in the way of spoilers. I knew they weren’t going to kill everyone off. I suppose it is one of those DC things that we aren’t meant to understand. Like why after almost 2 years the 52 is still referred to as “New”.


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