Review of Green Lantern #20


“No more dreams. No more illusions, no more what ifs.”

***Contains Spoilers***

I know this came out a week ago, but I was busy with travel and sickness and did not feel right reviewing anything until I had reviewed this.

Here we have it, the giant sized conclusion of the Wrath of the First Lantern crossover, and event that has been in the making ever since the New 52 began. I really liked it, but there were somethings I think could and maybe should have been done differently.

The first thing I would have liked was more. I know what you might be thinking ” Geez, Drew this was a giant sized issue that finished off a crossover event that started back in September, spanning dozens of issues and you want MORE?”. When I say I want more I do not mean the crossover in general but this final battle specifically. The big climax starts off with most of the Green Lanterns(led by Guy) taking the fight to Volthoom. They start getting their asses handed to them when Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns show up, followed by Kyle bringing the Blue Lanterns and the Star Sapphires to the fight. THEN, Mogo joins in the fight. Sinestro(again clad in yellow) unintentionally distracts Volthoom while Iroque and the Indigo Tribe show up. And just in case that wasn’t enough for you Hal then arrives with the Black Lanterns in tow. Awesome right? I guess I would have preferred this take place over more than 9 pages.

I wanted to see at least 2-3 issues of the big fight. Show me a little back and forth. Halfway through the issue Volthoom is defeated and everyone else wins, well most everyone. Hal gets his Green ring back and Sinestro absorbed the power of Parallax during the fight. Sinestro resurrects the Sinestro Corps(remember that most were imprisoned on Oa. Hal makes a valiant effort to save the Guradians, but Sinestro already killed them all(mostly). We later learn that he saved one for Atrocitus and that he also let Ganthet go so he could secretly live out his days with Sayd(whom Sinestro convinced Larfleeze to release).

So after everything that happened in the new 52, Hal is again a Green Lantern, Sinestro has a Yellow ring again, but has flown off in the void, the Sinestro Crops is at full strength(led by Arkillo), and the old Guardians have been replaced by the Templar Guardians. SO aside from Simon getting a ring and Kyle turning into a White Lantern, everything is basically like it was before the New 52.

Don’t get me wrong, I really liked this issue and thought there were some great moments. Like Atrocitus telling Guy that he trusts him. “Once a red lantern, always a red lantern.” or Mogo saying “All will be well.”. the artwork was great, again I just wanted to see more of it. Several of the Wrath of the First Lantern issues had very little happen so having a lot happen all at once seemed a bit odd. Another thing I though was odd was the epilogues.

Towards the end of the issue we get epilogues for all the heavy hitters. Guy, John, Fatality, Kyle, Saint Walker, Arkillo, etc. This isn’t the end of the Green Lantern Family of comics, it’s just the end of of a crossover, right? I think I would have enjoyed the extra pages of action and have the open ended future, thanks. I don’t need to know who gets married and has kids, just let me know when it actually happens. Maybe show the Templar Guardians meeting everyone else. LOTS of explaining to do. I would love to have an issue of the human GLs sitting around having a drink and comparing notes. Let’s face it lots has happened to all of them.

John: (looking at Kyle) “Why are you white?”
Guy: “John, you can’t just ask someone why they’re white.”

Something like that.

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