Calling all Shieldmaidiens! A review of Fearless Defenders #5

I am back in the reviewing game! I am sorry things at Murtha Reviews have been going so slow. But I am here now and to start my comeback, I bring you….Fearless Defenders!

I haven’t been giving this title the love it deserves, so lets change that right now!


Post contains spoilers!

So before I get into this issue, lets just talk about who the Fearless Defenders are and our story so far. Fearless Defenders was born out of an idea that started during the Fear Itself event. While there was a Marvel title in the past called, Defenders, there is no real connection between the two apart from the name. The story so far as started with Valkyrie and Misty Knight joining forces to stop Carloline Le Fey from raising ancient Valkyries called Doommaidiens. This has led to a number of different things. Dani Moonstar has joined the team and was used to summon the Doommaidiens back to life. Hippolyta has also been brought back from the dead to fight alongside them. Oh and lets not forget that we find out that Valkyrie actually used to be a Doommaidien! There is also the character of Annabelle Riggs. She is nothing more of an archaeologist who is friends with Misty. However she has been caught up in this mess and might even become a Valkyrie herself!  For you see, that is where our story beings. Valkyrie was charged with finding new Shieldmaidens from Earth but she claimed that no one was worthy of the calling. Well thanks to that they are now in this mess. But you can tell by the cover that things are about to change!

Now to our current story. Valkyrie, Dani, and Hippolyta have all traveled to Brazil to draw the Doommaidiens out into the open. This is a fight with a lot of heavy hitters and they could risk the public being caught in the crossfire. Of course the Doommaidiens follow and the battle beings. But while our heroes are tough as nails, they are outnumbered. But you might be wondering…where did Misty go? She went to do what Valkyrie could not do. Misty returns with new Shieldmaidiens (Thanks Heroes for Hire)! Now if you thought the new lineup for the X-Men title had some girl power you haven’t seen this crowd. Valkyrie only needed nine Shieldmaidiens but Misty brings a few spares in case Valkyrie is still picky. Now a lot of these ladies are not only big names but heavy hitters. Take a deep breath and take all of this in.

You just had Black Cat, Hellcat, Tigra, Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, Elektra, Storm, Thundera, Tarantula, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and Collen Wing join the fight. Now that is on too of already having, Hippolyta, Dani, Misty, Annabelle and Valkyrie. That is some serious power.

As the fight starts to turn around, Dani hunts down Carloline to confront her. But just as she does, Valkyrie’s plan comes into full swing. You see even with all the power from all those heroes they could not truly defeat the Doommaidiens. Valkyrie brought them all there not to protect the public from the Doommaidiens but to protect them from her. She saps away Dani’s Valkyrie powers and awakens as her old self. Valkyrie has left and now Brunhilde, Maiden of Rage, stands before them. However, it make take all of the Fearless Defenders to break her back out of it.

So there you have it boys and girls! This is what the Fearless Defenders is all about. Ladies kicking some serious ass. The best part is you have all kinds of ladies in this crowd. It really is a great showcase for the ladies of Marvel. Now I have always loved good and strong female characters. I mean who doesn’t love a lady who can kick ass and take names. This comic gives you a whole team of them! What more could you ask for? Well maybe a swimsuit issue but that is just the lonely guy I try to bury down deep inside myself.

Honestly one of my favorite Marvel NOW titles.



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