Review of Detective Comics #21


“Sir, I’m afraid we have a situation of the most urgent variety.”

***Contains Spoilers***

Batman has his share of crazy ex-girlfriends,Selina Kyle, Talia Al Ghul, and Mio. You remember Mio, back in issue #0 Bruce fell in love with her, but she ended up being an assassin that using Bruce to get close to his master. At the time Bruce(as well as us readers) though Mio was killed. It turns out she was using some sneaky ninja trick to slow her heart rate. Grief-stricken and inexperienced Bruce fell for it.

Fast forward to the present where Batman is attempting to stop an assassination of a Prime Minister. How does he do this? Bruce Wayne volunteers to host the reception at Wayne Tower. We also see the Return of Harper, our tech-savy young girl who keeps trying to help Batman. She, rather foolishly, follows Mio and it turns out that Mio has learned some new tricks. She is now able to harness shadow magic and creates extra limbs and weapons. Harper blinds her and Batman recognizes her. Upon hearing her name she stuombles back out a window and falls to here death. However they can’t find the body. OWwHHOOHhOOHHH Shadow Magic!!!.

To make matters more interesting it seems that Mio was working for Ras Al Ghul. Last time we saw Ras was in Batman Incorporated #10. Now since the Leviathan story line isn’t over yet we do not know what Talia’s status is or how that effects her father, whom was her prisoner.

I like the character of Harper, she is smart, persistent, and she can actually contribute. There was one thing related to her that I did not like. After the Prime Minister is saved, Bruce is talking to Alfred about her. Alfred says she possessed the same qualities as Damian. The way I read it was like Alfred was suggesting that she become the new Robin. Can you say too soon? Now maybe Bruce had been talking about bringing someone new on, maybe I misinterpreted the scene. The way I read it made it seem a little inappropriate.

Still this issue has the same good artwork and solid story telling that I expect from Detective Comics. They usually keep the continuity screw ups to a minimum. Which in the New 52 is a treat. We also have a back up story about Dr Langstrom(Man-Bat) where he tries to wrestle with controlling the Man-Bat.


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