Review of Green Lantern #21


“Just a heads up–I already received my scolding for the day.”

***Contains Spoilers***

The old Guardians are dead(as far as everyone is concerned), Volthoom was defeated, and the other Corps have all returned to their respective homes. The Green Lanterns have some work ahead of them though.

Carol breaks up with Hal, sort of. She realizes that her powers are based on love, and she does love Hal. However their relationship has always been a difficult one. She decides that if she keeps giving him “one more chance” that eventually she will not love him and she will be useless as a Star Sapphire. Hal heads off to Oa and Carol says they need time apart. I can understand where Carol is coming from. She loves Hal, but how many times has he done something to screw things up? Hal is a great Green Lantern, but a lousy boyfriend. He loves Carol, but I’m not sure he is seeing where she is coming from.

Back on Oa, Kyle(once again welcome on the planet) is showing the Templar Guardians the evidence vault. TO everyone’s surprise they explain to Hal and Kyle that Hal is to be the new Leader of the Green Lantern Corps and that they will travel the stars and catch up on things. They have a separate mission for Kyle, but I guess we have to wait for New Guardians #21 for that. There are a few things that came to my head when I read this. I assume that everyone just decided to recognize the authority of the Templar Guardians? Given what their Brothers did I’m a little surprised, but there is no need to be racist. I do understand their choice to travel and learn before they lead. It does sound like they plan on returning at some point in the future.

Hal and Kyle question their choice in making Hal the Leader of the whole Corps. Hal’s record is far from spotless, but at the same time he has done tremendous good and most of the people he pissed off are dead anyway. He sends out the rings to find replacement lanterns, against Kilowog’s advice that they rebuild first.

The first problem is that the first batch of recruits do not want to be Green Lanterns. The second problem is that Larfleeze has chosen this as a good time to attack Oa, the THIRD problem is the appearance of some new big bad guy.

As much as I enjoyed the massive crossover of the Lanterns books, I am looking forward to some solo stories for a bit. I am sure Hal will make some mistakes, but come out ahead, as usual. I am also excited to see what Kyle does in New Guardians since he doesn’t really have a team anymore.

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