Review of Green Lantern: New Guardians #21


“I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a space shark”

***Contains Spoilers***

And after almost 2 years the titles becomes true. As we learned in Green Lantern #21, the Templar Guardians have decided to place Hal in charge of the Green Lantern Corps while they go off and familiarize themselves with the universe. The Templar Guardians(or the New Guardians) have also asked Kyle to be their guide/bodyguard. He told them no, or more precisely “Hell No.” Eventually Hal talks him into it and Kyle agrees.

If you think about you can see where each side is coming from. The Templars have literally been out of touch with the universe for millenia. I don’t blames them for wanting to travel and see what the universe is like now. And seeing as how Kyle is agruably the most powerful Lantern right now he is a logical choice to accompany them.

I can also see things from Kyle’s perspective. First of all his status as a Green Lantern is questionable at best. The old Guardians tried to take his ring from him and while he mainly uses greens constructs he can just as easily wield the powers of the rest of the emotional spectrum. Isn’t he just as much a Blue or Red Lantern as he is a Green? Plus, they aren’t even in charge so they can’t give him an order(that one is weak, but I included it anyway). Really Kyle doesn’t trust them and wants to focus on actual threats and saving lives rather than babysitting.

Hal’s arguments make a lot of sense, which Kyle sees eventually. He needs to rebuild the Green Lantern Corps and doesn’t want to worry about what the Templars are getting into/ up to. He doesn’t completely trust them either and he needs someone of sufficient power that he can trust to keep an eye on them. Kyle also realizes that he rarely spends time on Earth anymore and no longer has a “non-Lantern” life.

In this issue we also see more of the impact of what the old Guardians did. Various alien ships flee at the site of the Templars. Everyone in the universe knows what the Guardians did, entire planets and billions of lives were wiped out. It’s a good thing the Templars are immortal because it is going to take YEARS of good works to begin to start to repair their reputation. Freeing that giant thing from the “anomoly” probably isn’t the best start. If that guy looks familiar it is because you see him fighting Green Lanterns on Oa in Green Lantern #21 set in the near future. He is also taking up most of the page showing what is going to happen in the next year.

I was hoping that the band would get back together, but this story does make a lot of sense. Plus the Blue Lanterns have just reestablished a new home base, the other Corps are all in the process of re-consolidation and moving forward after the huge Third Army/First Lantern conflict. I do, however, have high hopes for Saint Walker, Arkillo and Carol(I like her more than Fatality) all getting back together and having wacky adventures.

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