Review of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox


“In my world I’ma hero, named the Flash.”

***Contains Spoilers***

In 2011 DC released a large crossover event called Flashpoint, including all the tie-ins the series covered 60 issues. The basic story is that the timeline was altered and Barry Allen’s mom was never murdered. That “flashpoint” sent ripples through the timestream changing everything.Some of the changes included; Atlantis and the Amazons were at war, most of Europe was destroyed, Bruce Wayne died in the alley and his father became Batman, Kal-el was captured by the government as an infant and never became Superman. The new world was a darker, grittier place torn by war.

The story took a lot of flack from critics when it first came out. I admit that at first I didn’t like certain aspects of it, but once I sat down and actually read it I enjoyed it. It is a complex story that involves every character in the DC universe and even adds a few.

Sadly, when compressing a 60 issue story into 90 minutes of animation a lot gets lost. The movie does hit a lot of the major plot points. A lot of the story is missing. Many characters get seen or mentioned, but most of their story isn’t told. Deathstroke, Citizen Cold get a lot cut, Abin Sur’s role is changed completely, and characters like Outsider and Booster Gold are cut altogether.

Still the movie is entertaining and interesting. The plot does move quickly and flow well. If you haven’t read the comics you won’t even notice a lot of the stuff that was left out. I wasn’t a big fan of the animation style. A lot of the men’s head have a squat look and some people’s heads look too small.

The voice acting is all well done, Kevin Conroy, of course plays Bruce Wayne. Cary Elwes, Nathon Fillion and C.Thomas Howell also lend their vocal talents.

Overall, I would recommend seeing this if you are a fan of other animated DC movies/shows. IF you like the plot i also recommend picking up the Flashpoint issues(it’s available in 5 or six trade paperbacks)

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