Review of Deadpool(the video game)


“You know why I love the internet? Because it’s just like me.”
“Vulgar, combative and contradictory?”
“Over-flowing with perversion and stupidity?”
“Yes and Yes.”

***Contains Spoilers***

This game is exactly what I expected a Deadpool game to be like. It is chock full of bloody violence, sexual innuendo and plenty of foul language and all around craziness. How many other video games not only have you inflate a giant bouncy castle in a sewer, but also make it relevant to the plot?

For those of you unfamiliar with the character, Deadpool is an anti hero of the Marvel Comics universe. He was modified via the Weapon X program and possesses a healing ability similar to Wolverine. OH and he is insane, like bat shit crazy. Don’t believe me? Play the game for 30 seconds. In this game you get to guide Deadpool through the making of a video game. Meta, right? Seriously the plot is that he is acting out the plot to a Deadpool video game, he often breaks the 4th wall, usually begging you to skip talking scenes. The voices that guide him in his head also guide you through the game controls and offer hints on which way to go.

The game features many popular Marvel characters in cameo roles. Cable, Wolverine, Domino and Rogue plus others. The game has two modes Campaign and Challenge. The Challenge mode puts you in various levels that you have completed and you have to take on wave after wave of enemies , the faster you do it the better your score. During the Campaign mode you collect “Deadpool points” that can be turned in to buy additional weapons(machine guns, grenades, bear traps, etc..) and upgrades your various weapons an abilities.

The game has many interactive elements, allowing you to explore Deadpool’s apartment among other little goodies. The game firmly ears it’s M rating for mature audiences. As I mentioned earlier the game has lots of blood and gore, mature humor, and lots of sexual content and strong language. Not really a kid game. However if you are a Deadpool fan of love near-mindless violence than this game is a must buy. I have not yet completed the game, but I already see it providing me with hours of fun.


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  1. This looks like a blast! Thx for sharing!

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