Goblin Problems: A review of Superior Spider-Man #15

Spider-man might have an army, a secret base, and drones all over the city. However, he has one hell of a goblin problem! And poor Hobgoblin is caught right in the middle of it all. 



post contains spoilers!

Spider-man literally just walked right up to the Kingpin and kicked him in the balls. Well not really, he might as well have. Now there is fallout he has to deal with. Now Spider-Man believes that Hobgoblin, died during the siege on Shadowland. Somehow he has been able to be blocked from the Spiderbots. Even with this gift, he is not safe with Spider-man on his new crusade. He is going to have to up his game if he is going to live.

While Spider-man has been able to fool the Avengers, not everyone is believing in this new Spider-man. For a long time he was able to balance both lives but now he is starting to slip.  People like Officer Cooper who know Spider-man is Peter Parker can sense something is wrong. And she is not the only one. Aunt May, M.J., his coworkers, and schoolmates are all noticing something wrong with Peter. If Spider-man continues down this path people are either going to learn the truth or Peter Parker is going to die.

While those closest to Spider-man and Peter start to worry, Hobgoblin has no one watching his back. While he was able to escape with his life, he is having all kinds of problem. The original Hobgoblin is making him pay to use the name. Not to mention he has to pay Tinkerer for all the new gear. In an effort to get money, Hobgoblin has finally clashed with Spider-man. As the two battle Hobgoblin is able to slip away. However Spider-man has a plan. He outs Phil Urich as Hobgoblin and called on the people of New York to turn him in.

While these two do battle, something more sinister is going on in the criminal underworld. While the defeat of the Kingpin was a victory, it has created room for someone else to move in. Green Goblin is this man. He has made his move and ever bested the Spiderbots. He was able to hack them so anyone wearing a goblin mask would be left alone. Which is why Hobgoblin was able to get away. Spider-man is about to have 99 problems and they are all goblins.

Now I just want to talk about this title again. I love Spider-man and these aren’t bad stories. But I truly and deeply dislike this whole Doc Oct Spider-man. I enjoy reading it, but it is not the Spider-man I know and love. I just don’t care for the change in character at all and I hope at some point we get Peter back. 

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