Review of Green Lantern: New Guardians #23


“There are secrets even the White Lantern does not know…this is one.”

***Contains Spoilers***

This was an excellent issue. We learned a few interesting things, but we also saw tremendous lose.

We open on the the new home of the Blue Lanterns, Elpis. It looks very similar to Odym. Now it is not revealed how they got their Central Battery from Odym which was invaded and taken by the Reach (GLNG issue #9). Anyway the peaceful meditations of Walker and the other Blue Lanterns in interrupted when Edara, the entity that is the living representation of their Corps, leaves the Battery and flies off. This fits in what we have seen in other Lantern books. Something is happening to the entities, something is making them weaker. This problem is quickly put on hold as Relic and his massive warship arrive out of nowhere.

Walker attempts to talk to Relic and reason with him. However it quickly becomes clear that Relic has not interest in being peaceful as he begins draining the Central Power Battery. Thankfully Kyle, Carol and the Templar Guardians quickly arrive to help the Blue Lanterns. A valiant attempt is made by all, but even their combined powers are no match for Relic.

The Guardians attempt to probe Relic’s mind but he turns the tables on them and forces them to see why he is doing what he is doing. Carol attempts to use her Sapphire powers onhim and discovers he is doing what he is doing out of love for everything. Now we do not get the benefit of the details of what Relic showed the Templars, but from what he says it seems cler that his universe was destroyed because of the “lightsmiths”. They used the emotional spectrum just as the various Lantern Corps do. Relic has taken it upon himself to “save” this universe from the same fate as his own, at any cost.

Walker is seriously injured, but Kyle can no longer use the power of hope, since the battery has been drained completely. Kyle wants to teleport them all to safety, but he has never tried to teleport so many at once. With Walker dying and their cllective shield failing it seems all is lost That is until Brother Warth(Walker’s second in command) reveals a secret of the Blue Lantern corps. They can supercharge more than just Green rings. Warth and the other Blue Lanterns use the last of their power to supercharge Kyle’s will and compassion to enable him to teleport himself, Carol, Walker and the Templars to Oa. Drained of their power Warth and the others sit, meditate and await their fate. Relic kills them all where they sit.

A sad ending, we never got to know the Blue Lanterns very well, but everything you need to know about Warth you learn in the last few pages of this issue. He shows that he is a capable leader. He shows, courage, and above all hope. We do not know where Relic will strike next, but if he is going from weakest to strongest my guess is Larfleeze or the Sapphires. I see the Akillo Crops, Red Lanterns and Green Lanterns as giving him the strongest fight. Next month we learn the origins of Relic as a part of Villains month.

Saint Bro’dee Walker is now the last of the Blue Lantern Corps, and with the Power Battery drained and Edara on the run his fate is unclear. Walker is one of my favorite characters, you can’t help but admire his hopefulness. Even when all seems lost he holds on to the hope that “All will be well.” I sincerely hope that this does not signal the end for the Blue Lanterns, and really Hope is all you need for a Blue Lantern.


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