Review of Batman #23.1(Joker #1)


“Who knows how i would have turned out with the right upbringing?”

***Contains Spoilers***

He is probably one of the best known DC Comics villains, definitely the best known Batman villain. Therefore it is no surprise that we begin Villains Month with the Joker.

The story focuses on Joker raising a young ape that he stole from the Gotham City Zoo, that he named Jackanapes. The story flashes back to Joker’s childhood as he raises Jack he remembers his own young life. We are not given a great deal of detail in Joker’s early life. We do see that he was abused both emotionally and physically. While this is no excuse for his adult behavior it does help us understand why he is the way he is. In the end Jackanapes dies during an attack on a city councilwoman. Joker is sad for all of 3 panels before he laughs and cracks a joke.

I love the Joker as a villain. He is highly intelligent, but completely psychotic. He had the intellect and patience to train an ape to use assault weapons and build explosives. Yet he cares nothing for human(or animal) life. He is very unpredictable and theerfore very dangerous. It is no surprise that he has been such a huge hit over the years. He hasn’t been seen since he fell off of a cliff in Batman #17, but since we never saw a body maybe we will see him again in Forever Evil? I would love to see Joker and Lex team up to take on the Crime Syndicate.


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