Review of Justice League of America #7.1 (Deadshot #1)


“A bullet isn’t something to be fired indiscriminately.”

***Contains Spoilers***

There is a fine line between hero and villain. Let’s look at Batman and Deadshot as an example. Bruce Wayne was the son of rich parents. He saw his parents gunned downed in a cold alley when he was just a little kid. This life altering event set him on the path to become Batman, a path of justice. Floyd Lawton’s parents didn’t have a lot of money. Instead of living in a mansion they lived in the Narrows of Gotham city, the slums. One day while lying in bed reading a book Floyd’s parents and sister were killed when gunmen shot up two criminals in the neighboring apartment. it was random chance that he survived.

He found a gun in the criminals apartment and strarted practicing. He worked a few odd jobs, always pracicing, only his goal was not justice, but revenge. His skilled assassination(using only one bullet) of the men that killed his family got the attention of their employer. He offered Floyd a job. Now in the present the Suicide Squad has been disbanded and Floyd is cleaning up some loose ends. He kills the man who paid him his first contract, who was also the man who sent the gunmen to the apartment that night. Waller calls him afterwards and tells him to get the squad back together. As soon as the money is transferred he gets to it.

Deadshot is a good example of an anti-hero. He doesn’t kill for bloodlust or power. most of his kills are strictly business. He doesn’t work for the Crime Syndicate, he isn’t part of the Secret Society. THe only reason he is trying to get the Squad back together is because he got paid($10,000,000.00) A LOT.

I like to think that Deadhot and the others will link up with Luthor and try to save the world. VIllains fighting Villains. If I am right and the Leaugers are all actually trapped on Earth 3 and not dead, what sort of world will they be returning too.


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