Review of Lego: Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Superheroes Covershot

“I hope Fury knows what he’s doing. I tend not play well with people who’ve been attacking me and trying to steal all my stuff.”

***Contains Spoilers***

Traveller’s Tales has done it again. The latest installment in the Lego video game franchise has outdone it’s predecessors. This is saying a lot as the previous Lego games were excellent.

If you read my review of Lego Batman 2, then you know how much I enjoyed that game. Well, the folks at Tt took everything great about that game and gave us more. They kept the 15-part story method and gave us a variety of characters to play and interact with all taking place in a large city that we can run, drive and fly through. Let’s get to the specifics;

CHARACTERS: In Lego Batman 2 we had 50 characters(plus 10 you could download) that covered a wide part of the DC spectrum. You had the popular heroes(Superman, Wonder Woman, etc) along with some lesser known heroes(Vixen and Katana). In Lego Marvel Super Heroes(LMSH) we get over 100 different characters and for many of the characters multiple costumes. Those of us that pre-ordered also got additional characters and vehicles.

It is a whos who of the Marvel Universe. You have all of the Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-men, even the Guardians of the Galaxy. And don’t think that Rocket Racoon wins the obscure character award. Howard the Duck and Joe Quesada are also available. Each of them has their own combination of abilities.

One thing I also liked about this game is that you get to play as a lot of characters during the story mode. In Lego Batman 2 You mostly played as Batman, Robin and Superman. It wasn’t until the last couple of levels that the other heroes came into play. In this game you get to play as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Jean Grey, Wolverine and many others, you even get to be a bunch of the villains in the last mission.

The most versatile characters(in no specific order) are Iron Man(in the Mark 42 or Heart Breaker Armor), Hulk-Buster and Super Skrull. These guys give you the greatest range in abilities. If you have the Mark 42 as player one and Super Skrull as player 2 there won’t be a lot of cause to change out characters. Unless you like playing as different people. In a GTA moment I had Gwen Stacy steal a police car in China Town and drove like a crazy person all over Manhattan.

GAMEPLAY: There were no vehicle missions in this game. The Star Wars and Batman games featured certain missions where you were in a vehicle. I am not sure why they got rid of this, I guess it didn’t fit into the story they wanted to tell.

Flying got easier. In Lego Batman 2 flying in Gotham was a little tricky. You couldn’t just hit the button and go up or down like you could in the regular levels. Well, now you can. It takes some getting used to but flying is much easier, unless you prefer swinging on a web which is slower, but fun.

The citizens in peril have all been replaced by Stan Lee. along with the traditional puzzles and races hiding gold bricks around the city you can also get them by helping people in need. This reminded me of getting power cells in Jak and Daxter. You can also unlock characters and vehicles this way.

Deadpool makes many cameos and also narrates several bonus levels, which is where all the red bricks are found, as well as additional characters.

COMPLAINT: I think they should do away with the multipliers, or at least don’t make them cumulative. They are not hard to get and once you have them all things get ridiculous. I have the x2, x4, x6, and x10. That means every time I pick up one stud I get 480. that means if I complete a level which would normally yield 100k I get 48 million. if you have all of the multipliers on it multiplies studs by 3840. That means the normal level now gives 384 million. I do not think everything in the game costs 384 million. All I know is that I have 1 billion studs in the game right now and most of the characters seem to cost between 100k and 250k. I just did some quick math, if every character cost 250k you could buy them all for less than the 48 million.

OVERALL: This is a great game. Once again Marvel one ups DC(get it together, guys) The story flows well, and is really funny. Stan Lee of course plays himself and Clark Gregg even does the voice for Agent Coulson. I have put in many hours of playing and I am only about halfway to full completion. I highly recommend this game if you are a fan of Marvel, Lego, or fun.

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