What is Going on! A look at Supernatural Season 9

I tried to keep up with reviewing Supernatural last season but was spotty at best. Hopefully I will do better this season. This season has been all kinds of crazy and it has left me wondering, who is the evil one now?


*Post contains spoilers*

So at the end of last season we had the angels fall from Heaven. This left us with a very, “What the fuck” moment. We had a lot of questions and no answers at the time. This season picks up right after those events and we find out the hard truth as we go along. Now since Sam didn’t actually completely the trails he wasn’t killed, but that didn’t stop him from actually dying. The damage to his body couldn’t be undone. That is unless you are an angel! With Cas nowhere to be found, Dean does something crazy and prays to the world. He basically paints a target on himself for any and all angels. Thankfully a friendly one comes to help Sam. However the damage is so bad and the angel was hurt from the fall he can only heal Sam from the inside. So if Dean is going to save Sam, he has to trick his brother to say yes to an angel. If you are thinking this won’t end well you are right and we will get to that later.

Now after the fall the angels were lost and confused. They were thrown out from their home and lost their wings. This meant they still had all their angel powers but couldn’t fly. As the season went on we learned that factions in the angels had started to form and fight each other. Also if you thought angels were going to be the only problem you were wrong. Abaddon is free and taking Hell for herself while Crowley is still being held by the Winchesters. So you have Heaven using Earth for a war and Hell also falling apart. All in all things are not going well.

Now we eventually learn out that the angel Ezekiel, who is inside Sam isn’t actually Ezekiel! It is actually the angel Gadreel who, get this, is blamed for letting Lucifer into the Garden. He has been in angel jail this whole time and was set free when Metatron sent the angels to Earth. Sadly Dean learns the truth about Gadreel too late. Not only does Gadreel turn on him and steal Sam’s body to join Metatron but he also kills Kevin! Yup, that is right, Kevin is dead! With the help of Cas and Crowley, they are able to get Gadreel out of Sam but not completely stop him.

We are not done with crazy. This season we also had human Cas, we regained his grace but cutting out and eating another angel’s grace. Garth becomes a werewolf and getting married. We also have Dean and Crowley work a job together to find “The First Blade” so they can kill Abaddon. Now who has the First Blade? Cain. Yup that Cain, like Cain and Abel. However, Cain hid the blade and its power actually comes from him. Now after Dean proves himself, Cain gives Dean “The Mark of Cain” and says it has a price but Dean doesn’t care. If you are thinking this will bite him in the ass you are probably right.

That is pretty much what you have missed. We lost Kevin, Garth is now a werewolf, and both Heaven and Hell are fucked up. I kind of want God to show up and just yell at his kids to pick up their toys. I also had an interesting thought that I am sure will not ever happen. Now Cain became pretty much the first demon. Like the Knights of Hell are super demons and Cain is a super ultra mega demon. We also found out that when an angel uses someone as a host, they leave a little bit of grace behind. Cas says he removed all of the grace from Sam but the look on his face says he didn’t Are we going to have a reverse season 5? Will Sam became a pseudo-angel and Dean a pseudo-demon? That would be pretty interesting.

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