Wings of Truth: A Review of Birds of Prey #28

The other day Karan came up to me and asked me if I read any of the Gothtopia books. I hadn’t so she explained it to me. At first I was like, “eh do we need this?” But after reading this issue it has my attention. Now I am going to say what everyone is thinking, “Does the Bat-Family really need another crossover?” The answer is no but DC is going to keep pumping them out so we might as well roll with it.



*Post contains spoilers*

Gothtopia is a story starting in Detective Comics #27 with tie-in issues in a number of Bat-Family books! Sadly, Detective Comics is more of Drew’s cup of tea and he is still getting back into things. However, I am here to give you a little taste with the latest issue of Birds of Prey. Now I am sure you all know Gotham, not the nicest place in the world, which is why the Bat-Family needs like 9 different titles to keep things in order. But this is not the Gotham we see in this issue. Imagine a Gotham filled with heroes out in the open and being praised by the people. Not only that but the city has a very low percentage of crime! Basically Gothtopia is every thing Gotham isn’t.

We are joined by Bluebelle(Batgirl), Artemis(Strix), Eagle(Condor), and Warbler(Black Canary). They make up the Wings of Truth and we see them go around town to different events. Not a whole lot of crime fighting but more of happy feelings and charity events. This would actually be nice if you knew it couldn’t be true. Later that night Black Canary wakes up and slowly starts to realize that things are wrong. She has Ra’s Al Ghul to thank for seeing the truth. He has a deal for her. We recently learned that Mother Eve, who has been keeping an eye on the Birds has an upcoming battle with Ra’s Al Ghul. He offers Canary a cure for Kurt and all he asks that the Birds stay out of his way when the fighting breaks out.

She is able to get Strix and Condor out of the city and back to Mother Eve. She tells no one about her deal with Ra’s. Shortly after Batgirl shows up and is ready to tell everyone what happened. But first Canary and her have to talk. When the Birds first went into the city Canary stayed behind to watch over Kurt. She effectively quit the team. They talk about who should have leadership, they agree that until Canary gets her head straight Batgirl will head the team. Canary doesn’t tell Batgirl about her visit with Ra’s since she is still unsure what to do.

She wants to help Mother Eve, but it is starting to seem that they won’t be able to help Kurt. She could save Kurt but if she crosses Ra’s I don’t see things ending well. Plus her lying to the team is going to make things worse. This team has been having a lot of trouble with lying as of late and it needs to stop if they are going to stay together.


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