Captives: A review of Supernatural Season 9 Episode 14

Supernatural is back this week with a pretty huge episode! I really enjoyed it and not only do we get to see some past characters but Cas is a total badass!



*Post contains spoilers*

The episode opens like so many before it, lights start flickering and the whole fandom knows a ghost is about! True story, I have watched Supernatural so much that last night as I went to put recycles out I thought to myself, “If I hear a strange sound, I am in the first five minutes of a Supernatural episode” Anyways, the twist here is that the ghost is in the bunker! So of course Sam and Dean are a little pissed to find out they have a ghost in their home. I mean it is the bunker! How the hell did a ghost get in there. After using their big hunter brains and getting a few signs they learn the sad truth. The ghost in the bunker is Kevin Tran.

Now normally you want to cheer because Kevin! Then you remember that he is dead and a ghost and hope he doesn’t start killing Sam and Dean. We learn a few things here. Kevin can’t go to Heaven. Actually no one can. We finally get the answer to a question I have had since the season started. If no one is running Heaven, are the souls from Earth getting in? The answer is no, Kevin lets them know that everyone who has died since the fall is stuck in the veil. So the boys better hope they don’t have to off a ghost before this problem gets fixed. However, that is not the main reason Kevin is there. He came to ask a favor. He has been able to talk to other spirits and learn that his mother was sighted just a week ago. Sam and Dean head off to try to find Ms. Tran.

After talking to another ghost, they learn that Crowley has Ms. Tran in lock up. But when they find the storage unit he was using things don’t go as planned. After Sam and Dean get separated and captured they learned that Crowley has an employment problem. Now remember that Crowley was the King of Hell and was missing for quite some time. It seems the demon that he left to guard Ms. Tran has started to lose his marbles since Crowley stopped showing up. He completely snaps once he learns that Crowley has been with the Winchesters. Of course they get out of there and let Ms. Tran gank the demon. Back at the bunker Ms. Tran and Kevin are finally back together, well sort of. She takes the ring of Kevin’s dad which he is tethered to and plans on taking Kevin home with her. Dean reminds her that ghosts can easily turn but she wants her son. Before leaving Kevin lets them know he has been able to hear them the whole time and tells them to get over their problem.

While this is happening Cas tries to find Metatron and learns that Bartholomew is still killing other angels. When Cas gets captured by Bartholomew he is treated as a guest. It turns out that Bartholomew used to follow Cas way back when. He offers him a chance to join him and show the other angels that he isn’t to blame for the fall. But Cas sees that brute methods of Bartholomew and declines. Cas stands his ground and says that all angel on angel fighting must stop. He disarms Bartholomew and starts to leave. Bartholomew tries to attack again and is killed by Cas. Later some of Bartholomew’s follower find Cas. They are not looking for a fight and now see Cas as a leader.

So in a recap, Ms. Tran is alive and well and gets to spend some more time with her dead son. Sam and Dean promise Kevin they will get over their problems and don’t, and Cas is a badass angel who does badass things. I am really glad Kevin called them out on their crap. I get it Dean did a bad thing…THAT YOU GUYS DID FOR SEVEN OTHER SEASONS! It messed up a lot of things but Kevin calls them out on it. I am glad he did because he finally said what I was thinking. I also wonder if Metatron knows if the souls aren’t getting into Heaven. I mean he has to know right? But does Gadreel know? Also Bartholomew was one, if not the biggest, factions of angels that we know of. It is now leaderless and we have already seen some of them start following Cas. Will Cas be able to rally the angels in peace?

I don’t know anything but this was a great episode!

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