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Suicide Squad: A Review of Arrow Season 2 Episode 16

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Like with everything else I have fallen a little bit behind on Arrow. In the past weeks we saw Team Arrow grow together as Felicity gets used to having Sara around learns that no matter what she will always be a part of Team Arrow. We saw Laurel crash and burn and finally admit to her mistakes and lets Sara back into her life. But the biggest thing is the return of Slade Wilson.



*Post contains spoilers*

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Blade Runners: A review of Supernatural Season 9 Episode 16

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Sadly I missed out on reviewing the previous episode, #Thinman, which had the return of the Ghost Facers. It was also only a matter of time until Supernatural touched on Thinman/ Slenderman. It has been a huge thing on the internet for a while. Anyways this week’s episode was great and it had some things that I think we all saw coming a mile away.



*Post contains spoilers*

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A Look At: Heroes of the Storm Alpha Part 1

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Hey everyone! I wanted to share something big with you guys. I was lucky enough to get an invite into the technical alpha for Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA style game, Heroes of the Storm! Now I feel like they must have sent it to the wrong guy because I am still pretty new to MOBAs with only a handful of DotA games. But I must say that I have been having a lot of fun the past few days and this is just part 1 in a series of reviews! So enough small talk, let’s get into this game.



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