Blade Runners: A review of Supernatural Season 9 Episode 16

Sadly I missed out on reviewing the previous episode, #Thinman, which had the return of the Ghost Facers. It was also only a matter of time until Supernatural touched on Thinman/ Slenderman. It has been a huge thing on the internet for a while. Anyways this week’s episode was great and it had some things that I think we all saw coming a mile away.



*Post contains spoilers*

The past few episodes have been a little angel heavy so it is nice to have the demons running around again. Sam and Dean start to grow tired of waiting on Crowley to find the First Blade. It turns out Crowley is on a bender of sorts. He is addicted to human blood and it is starting to become a problem. It almost gets him killed when his demon pet decides to run off and report to Abaddon. She tips her off that Crowley and the Winchesters are looking for the First Blade. Now both the King and Queen of Hell are on a frantic search to see who can find the blade first.

When the boys finally find Crowley he is in pretty rough shape. He still has his Crowley charm but he is starting to slip up. So the boys do what any “friends” would do. They have an intervention for Crowley! The eventually take him back to the bunker and make him quit cold turkey. They continue to chase down a lead that Crowley had before his human blood kick. As they go on it becomes more clear that Abaddon is right on their heels in the search. Finally they find out the Blade was bought by a man named Magnus. The boys recognize the name as code for a Man of Letters in hiding. It turns out that a rogue member is still alive and might have the First Blade.

Crowley had tried to find him years ago but with no luck since the place was heavily warded. But when Sam and Dean show up and state that they are legacies of Henry Winchester, Magnus allows them in. Now they boys gathered that Magnus was gifted with spells from his file but gifted is an understatement. He tells them about his time with the Men of Letters and said that he always liked Henry. But he loses some charm after he sees that Dean already has the Mark of Cain. He sends Sam away and invites Dean to join his collection of rare goods. Like any crazy collector he has to have the full set. Both Dean and the First Blade are worthless but together they are priceless. Sam finds Crowley back at the car and the two team up to try to save Dean.

They manage to get back inside but Sam gets captured pretty fast. Crowley is able to free Dean who then uses the First Blade on Magnus. It is here when we start to see the dark effects of the First Blade. Dean starts to raise the blade at Sam but after Sam calls out to him he stops Dean snaps out of it and drops the blade. The three leave Magnus’ to find that Abaddon had stopped by and keyed the Impala. Dean is pissed of course. Abaddon is growing more bold. Sam points out to Dean that now that they have the blade, Crowley is of no use. But as they turn to attack, Crowley stops them. He realizes that as long as the boys have the blade he isn’t safe. So he makes them a deal that they have no choice in. Crowley will hold on to the blade until Sam and Dean find Abaddon. He will then loan them the blade to us on her. So basically they are right back where they started but have lost Crowley.

The whole thing with Magnus was pretty cool but it bugs me a little that Sam and Dean didn’t raid his place. It is like the episode where they go to the auction for one of the tablets and Sam uses Thor’s hammer and then doesn’t keep it! Who knows what Magnus had collected that could help them out. But I guess we can’t give Sam and Dean too much of an edge. Now I am all sure we saw Crowley turning on them a mile away but hear me out. Sam, Dean, and Crowley are very much like the movie version of Sam, Frodo, and Golem. If it wasn’t for Sam/Faramir, Golem might have not turned on Sam and Frodo. In the same way, Crowley seemed okay working with the boys but Sam was harsh and pushed Dean to attack him. I think if they were a little kinder they could have kept Crowley on their team. But again, we don’t want them to have too much of an edge.

To wrap up I want to talk about the Mark of Cain and the First Blade. When Dean first holds the Blade it seems to cause him pain. Magnus tells him that it will get easier each time. Now Cain warned Dean that the mark came with a price and it seems that the price might be the urge to kill your brother. I am sure we will learn and see more about the effects of the mark in the nest few episodes. Personally I can’t wait to see!

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