Alex Annie Alexis Ann: A Review of Supernatural Season 9 Episode 19

Sorry I missed out on reviewing Mother’s Little Helper and Meta Fiction, both of which were fantastic, but I am here now! This episode has two of everyone’s favorite things! Vampires and Jody Mills are thrown into the mix to make a super awesome episode.


*Post contains spoilers*

So like I was saying we get both vampires and the return of Jody Mills in this episode! The episode focuses on a young girl who ends up going by a number of different names. We first see young Alex enter the police station in Sioux Falls. After sitting in a cell over night she is confronted by a young man named Cody. He turns out to be a vampire who Jody Mills ends up killing before he can get to Alex. Jody enlists the help of Sam and Dean since she overheard Cody talking about others. Now at first they can’t just figure out the whole story here. This girl knows about vampires and hunters yet she seems to be neither. After they get a hit on her DNA the sad truth comes out. Back in 2006 a young girl went missing. This girl was Alex, she has spent the years living with these vampires as a feed bag. Yet she seems loyal to them. It takes awhile but she finally admits to living with them. However she considers them family and won’t tell Sam and Dean where the nest is.

Using a bus ticket Alex had on her, Sam and Dean head out to see if they can find the rest of the nest. They find one of Alex’s “brothers” home alone and question him. It seems there is more to Alex then she led on. Not only did they feed off her but she was also there bait. It is believed that she was so good at being bait that she must have enjoyed the hunt. Sam and Dean worry that this girl has too much blood on her hands and are unsure what to do with her. They try to call Jody to warn her that the other vampires are likely coming for the girl but there warning comes too late. Right as they call the family attacks and takes Alex but leaves Jody alive(Thank God!).

Sam and Dean rush back to find Jody. Even though she has been roughed up she insists that she comes and finishes this. She feels that she has failed Alex and needs to make things right. The three start to clash when they talk about what to do with Alex. Jody it makes it clear to both the boys that is Alex is under her protection. When they arrive at the nest things do not go as planned but I mean did we all think they would? Sam and Dean are jumped by Alex’s two remaining brothers while Jody is taken out by their mother. Now two of the family has already been killed and none of them are too happy about it. As if things weren’t bad enough their mother feels that she has put off turning Alex for too long. Alex is starting to feel guilty for all the killings which are just silly human feelings. If they family is going to stay together Alex must become a vampire.

Now since the vampires are going to have to find a new home they start draining Sam and Dean for some road food. Meanwhile Celia, Alex’s mother tries to convince her to feed on Jody and complete her transformation into a vampire. But Alex seems to have grown to like Jody and asks for her to be let go. It is her that Jody realizes why they had Alex change her name from Ann and why she was never turned. Celia lost a daughter and has used Alex to fill the hole left in her life, similar to how Jody felt about Alex. This is the turning point for Alex and uses Dead Man’s Blood to stop Celia and Jody finishes her off. Upstairs Dean plays dead and is able to get the jump on Alex’s brothers. But in Sam’s eyes he might have enjoyed the killing a little much. I mean as Dean cuts off the vampire’s head he does yell, “Look at me Bitch!”

In the end everyone gets to live and Alex is cured. She stays with Jody while she recovers and it is hinted that she might remain there. That would make a pretty badass hunting team. This episode also reminds us that despite being a female character on Supernatural Jody Mills can’t die. It is amazing how many times she has come close to death and lived. I mean it is a common thing in Supernatural but it is less common for the females to make it. Of course by saying this now I have doomed her to die in the Season 10 premiere. Sam does confront Dean about how he seemed to enjoy the killing a bit too much. Dean brushes it off but as a viewer I am sure we can all agree it is likely to deal with the Mark of Cain.

Supernatural now has four more episodes left in the season including next week’s Bloodlines which will introduce the upcoming spin-off series.

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