Seeing Red: A Review of Arrow Season 2 Episode 20

Okay so holy crap. This episode. Normally I will start my review after watching the episode but with this one I had to take some time to recover. I hope you are all wearing your seatbelts because this is going to get crazy.


*Post contains spoilers*

So I am sure from seeing the title and the end of last weeks episode that you can guess this one is going to have a lot to do with Roy. He has been unconscious since they rescued him from Slade and the team isn’t sure what to do about him. They are still waiting on a cure from S.T.A.R. Labs but they have no idea how long it could take. However soon after the episode starts Roy wakes up and seems to be a blank slate. He is shaking and flips a table and runs out of there. He continues to run around town causing trouble leaving Oliver and Sara in a weird place. Oliver stands his ground to save Roy but Sara feels he is beyond saving after Sin gets hurt in the crossfire. To make things worse the Queen Family is still having a lot of internal problems after Thea found out who her real father is.

While the hunt for Roy goes on we get a few flash backs of Moira and Oliver from seven years ago. Way back before the island Oliver got a random girl pregnant and didn’t know what to do about it. Moira steps in to help him settle things. She handles it like most billionaire parents would. She pays the girl two million dollars to tell Oliver she lost the baby and leave. Now most of the time this is a pretty cold process but Moira is less cold about it. She points out that she wants a good life for both Oliver and the child. But Oliver is not ready for this. To this day Oliver does not know about it. So it is possible this could come up again? Hey I am your seven-year old love child!

Back in the present the tension between Moira and Thea comes to a breaking point. Moira feels that she has to completely pull out of race to fix her relationship with Thea. No one seems to agree with her since she is starting to pull ahead. Plus as a viewer we know that Blood is a scumbag and we don’t want him as mayor. Oliver points out that what Thea really needs is to see her mother do something good. When Moira sees that Thea has shown up to the rally she changes her mind and stays in the race. We get a quick look at Blood looking really pissed. Considering that Moira told him that she was dropping out and then didn’t. During the rally Roy shows up and attacks Thea.

Both Sara and Oliver step in to try to stop Roy. Sara has the intention to kill Roy but Sin gets in the way of her shot and she only shots him in the leg. Roy begs her to kill him. It seems he is there but he is losing control of himself. Oliver shows up before Sara can take the kill shot and takes out Roy. They keep Roy sedated as they try to figure out what they can do. Oliver refuses to give up on him yet. However it is not a happy ending. Sara ends things with Oliver. Claiming that she is a killer and Oliver deserves someone better than her. She leaves only to tell Sin, “She is going to see an old friend”.

After the rally the Queen family starts to have a heart to heart in the car ride home. Shortly before the rally we find out that Moira knows Oliver is the Arrow and has known for about a year. Thea tells them both that their lies only hurt her and no protect her. Moira finally agrees and it seems the Queen family is going to combine notes and finally get on the same page. Starting with the fact that Merlin is still alive. But before she can tell them they are hit by another car.(Pretty sure we already saw that ending in Supernatural CW)

When Olive awakes him finds that Slade has recreated the death scene of Shado with Moira and Thea. Forcing Oliver to try to make that impossible choice again. Eventually Moira offers up herself to spare the life of her children. At first it seems that this act of courage will spare them all. But in one quick move Slade stabs Moira killing her. He lets Thea and Oliver go. This totally took me by surprise. I mean I have talked about that I had the feeling that someone would die but I never thought it would be Moira. There was a second that I thought it was going to be Thea. Slade also says that there is one more that has to die before he comes after Oliver. I am thinking Felicity, Diggle, Laurel, and Sara are going to be put to the test. Or Slade might go straight for Sara.

We also see the side effect of hallucinations starting to impact Roy. We have known for sometime that Slade sees Shado and gives him twisted ideas. In this episode we see Roy talking to a Thea telling him to kill her. For a while I thought they were going to have a super powered Roy but now I feel like they will cure him. If this episode is any indication the last three episodes are going to be super intense. Like I said above, the death scene of Moira was so well done and caught me off guard so much that I had to recover before I could write this review. Five gold stars to you Arrow.


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