Game Over: A Review Of Avengers Undercover #3

Avengers Undercover is one of those titles that came up while I wasn’t writing and I am not completely sold on. But I am still giving it a chance for right now. Also has nothing to do with actually Avengers at this point. Basically Avengers Arena Part 2.


*Post contains spoilers*

So just to catch everyone up. Avengers Undercover is continuing the story started in Avengers Arena. It first picks up a short time after the kids got out of that place. Since then what has happened leaked out into the world and the kids are being angsty about it. However when Bloodstone goes missing they all team back up to find him. Only to find out that he has been hanging out with The Masters of Evil. apparently super villains don’t judge you like most people would. Most likely because they think killing is cool, at least most.

However things took a strange but predictable change at the end of last issue. The Masters of Evil teleport the kids to an event that Arcade is hosting. Apparently since his success of Murder World people are lining up to play. It is basically like the Most Dangerous Game, but it is just board crazy people with a lot of money killing each other. This was all part of Bloodstone’s plan. He had hoped that the others would come looking for him so they could get their revenge. Bloodstone promises them that it will be different this time. They split up, one team protecting Hazmat who has completely shutdown and another to find and take out the control room.

It doesn’t take long for Arcade to actually find them and he starts to give another one of his creep speeches. He talks about what a great time he had with them and that he was happy he finally won. But he is now depressed after winning because how do you top something so grand. He goes on and on and it just makes you really hate him. He is eventually cut short when Hazmat turns him to dust.

Next comes the most predictable thing ever. Turns out that the Masters of Evil had put wagers on which kid would actually kill him. Now that they have done that the real work begins! Which I can only assume tricking the kids into thinking that they are helping them when really they are just going to become killing machines? Who knows. Like I said I am not completely sold on this title yet. I enjoyed Avengers Arena for the most part but this hasn’t had nearly as good of a start. We shall see how the next few issues play out.


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