Living Legends: A Review of Aquaman #30

I feel a lot of people forget that Aquaman sometimes works in the realm of myths and legends. So DC brings out an ancient enemy of Atlantis alongside the long forgotten hero, Hercules!


*Post contains spoilers*

So in The Azores Aquaman fights a lost enemy of Atlantis. These strange creatures of all different shapes and sizes pour out of the Hell of Atlantis. But we find out that they were not locked away alone. The Olympian hero Hercules had come to help Atlantis lock these “Giant-Born” away long ago. However the king of Atlantis was so desperate to be rid of these beasts that he closed the gate while Hercules was still inside. He has now spent countless years trapped with them and it has driven him insane. While Aquaman tries to battle Hercules, a large number of the Giant-Born escape. With the help of the human who foolishly opened the prison Aquaman is able to seal Hercules away until he can get him help. He does not send him to Hell though, instead he locks him in a place called, “The Labyrinth” Maybe he will run into David Bowie.

Meanwhile back in Atlantis, Mera tries to fill in for Arthur while he is away. However while out on patrol she is attack by supporters of Orm. She might have been killed if Tula had not saved her. It seems the plot comes from deep within the Atlantean ranks. Mera does not report this to Arthur right away and plans on handling this problem herself. We have yet to see who is exactly behind it all.

Aquaman has a number of problems coming his way now. Back at the Triton Base, Dr. Orson continues his unspeakable work. So unspeakable I am going to speak about it right now! The diver that was attacked when Aquaman discovered the base was left pretty much brain-dead with no family. They gave Dr. Orson the greenlight to try a few new experiments on him, hoping that one might save his life. But Dr. Orson has a slightly different idea. He is basically building a human-sea life Chimera. This includes using part of the brain from the Karaqan, the ancient defender of Atlantis.

In the end Aquaman contacts one of the few people who might understand his current problem. He fills Wonder Woman in on what has happened which includes the discover of Hercules, who is Wonder Woman’s half-brother. We will see their adventure as they quest for the Giant-Born in July but next issue will bring in….Swamp Thing! Who knows what those crazy kids will get into.


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