The End But Not Really: A Review of Teen Titans #30

Teen Titans has come to an end! Well sort of. It may be going away but it already planned on coming back in July with a new #1. This isn’t the ending I wanted for this run but I can’t say that I am shocked.


*Posts contains spoilers*

So like most wrap up issues, this whole thing feels rushed and squeezed together at the last-minute. The Teen Titans have just come back from the future where they left behind Kid Flash, Solstice, and Superboy(Who was not actually their Superboy?) Anyways they come back and it is just Red Robin, Wonder Girl, and Raven left on the team. Coming into this issue they weren’t even sure if they were going to stay a team. However just as they returned they are united with Bunker and Beast Boy. But wait! Just as they reunited with each other they are under attack by The Light and The Way, two brothers with super lame code names.

As they fight we find out that Trigon no longer has any hold over Raven which means she is free for the first time in a long time. The fighting continues for almost no reason. See The Light and The Way have come looking for Solstice, they need her powers to survive. Sadly for them Solstice remanded in the Future to serve out a life sentence with Kid Flash. Things start to look grim but just as it seems all is lost….Skitter returns! Yup remember that bug girl who disappeared during the Culling? Yeah me neither. Anyways she is back and in full control of her powers!

That isn’t all! The mysterious woman who showed up to clean up the Teen Titans mess in issue #22 is back! Not only that but she is also Skitter’s mom? Plus! She could also be Amanda Waller? Now I don’t think she is because the Titans have met Waller and they don’t know this lady. But the New 52 hasn’t impressed me with its continuity yet so who knows. After they take in The Light and The Way they leave. Of course Skitter stays behind with her friends. She fills them in on what happened with her. About how she originally got her powers and how she was able to gain control of them.

Just as things settle down they are attacked by Grymm! Some crazy guy from way back in issue #6. He acts like your typical villain and starts to explain his master plan. He has placed a bomb somewhere but on no! Beast Boy took him out before he could tell them where it was! We find out more about the Titans in next weeks Annual issue. We also see Solstice and Kid Flash in the future trying to survive on a cruel prison planet. While things seem rough they at least have each other and will work to try to make that world a better place.

So like I said, the whole thing was rushed to try to get the team back together and tie up loose ends. Except they didn’t do a very good job of that. I mean they had their whole Harvest and N.O.W.H.E.R.E. story that literally went nowhere. I enjoy team books and I have always loved the Teen Titans. I just hope their next incarnation does a bit of a better job than this one.


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