Bloodlines: A Review of Supernatural Season 9 Episode 20

Bloodlines is finally here! An episode that people have been looking forward to for sometime. It serves as the backdoor pilot for Supernatural’s spinoff series. It is a great episodes that introduces us to the world that we will see in the spinoff.


*Post contains spoilers*

The story starts with a young man named Ennis Roth out to dinner with his girlfriend. Off screen we see that there is also a backroom V.I.P. section filled with all kinds of monsters. After a confrontation between a werewolf and a shifter, the lights go out and they are attacked by a mysterious figure with a  claw made of silver. Outside Ennis and his girlfriend are caught in the crossfire as the shifter runs outside and is killed. While Ennis lives his girlfriend dies. This leads him to met the Winchesters posing as F.B.I. and they question him about what happened. Leaving him with only telling him, there is no such thing as monsters.

Before I continue with the story here is the history we learn. Chicago is run by five different monster families in a very mafia style. The families consist of the werewolves(the Duval family), the shifters(the Lassiter family), the ghouls, the djinns, and one unnamed family. The story focuses more on the werewolves and the shifters and the conflicts between them. Including a love story like Romeo and Juliet between David Lassiter and Violet Duval. The death of David’s brother has caused both family to prepare for war with each other. It seems there have been conflicts with the families for years. The influence of the families runs so deep that they also control the police. 

Back in Chicago Ennis tries to find his girlfriend’s killer and this leads him to run into Sam and Dean. When Ennis won’t quit Sam and Dean finally give him the run down of the world they live in and warn him to stay out. Ennis continues his search anyways and runs into David. He tells Ennis about the families. Eventually Ennis, David, Sam, and Dean all have to team up when the killer kidnaps Violet. In a city full of monsters the killer was actually a human. A man driven to the point of madness over the death of his son years ago. He blames Julian Duval and Sal Lassiter for the death of his son. It is unclear if his claim is true. It is Ennis who finally puts the man down saving both David and Violet.

David and Violet return to their families. Violet is to be married off and David decides to stay and takes control of the family. Ennis returns home again warned that he should stay out of this fight. Sam wanted to stick around considering the city is crawling with monsters but they get a call from Cas who has word on Metatron. They once again leave the world of monsters behind and go back to the world of angels and demons. Ennis remains determined to do something and starts looking into the information the killer gathered. It is here he gets a mysterious call from his dead father saying that he can’t start hunting or the monsters would kill him. It seems that Ennis might be more connected to this fight than he knows.

Overall I was happy with this episode and now look forward to what they will do with Bloodlines. It is an interesting twist on the world of Supernatural. I was worried at first when info started to come out. At first it seemed it was just going to be sappy love between David and Violet. But after this episode it feels like that will only be a part of a much bigger picture. There is tons of cool things they can do with this new series and expand the Supernatural universe. I mean just in this episode we find out that there is another werewolf family in New York that Violet is being married into.

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