Oh Captains, My Captains: A Review of Red vs Blue Season 12 Episode 1

After so many years after I first saw an episode of Red vs Blue I am finally caught up and watched the a season premiere for the first time. I thought I would review the season and see how things go. Rooster Teeth has been sucking up a lot of my time recently in a very good way.


*Post contains spoilers*

Now before I get into the episode and season twelve let’s talk for a minute. Red vs Blue is an incredibly well-known and successful series based around the Halo games and brought to you by the people over at Rooster Teeth. Behind Doctor Who, it is currently the longest running sci-fi show out there. It has had such a huge impact that it has been mentioned in other games even outside the Halo fancies and its success gave birth to Rooster Teeth which has grown into so much more over the years. Now being on their twelfth season there is a lot of history to cover so I am just not going to do that. You can find the series either on Rooster Teeth’s YouTube page or on their website. Now let’s get to the actually episode.

The season starts with the gang kind of split up and in the middle of a civil war. The spent all of season 11 waiting for rescue only to find out that there are actually two warring faction on the planet and both want the Reds and Blues for different reasons. Grif, Simmons, Tucker, and Caboose all made it out and joined up with New Republic. We do not know the fate of the others as of right now but it is assumed that they were taken by the Federation. The scene starts with three different teams communicating over radio. We soon find out that Grif, Simmons, and Caboose are leading a mission and each have their own teams. As a shocker to no one soon after the mission starts they are flung into chaos. Turns out this was a training exercise and it went terribly. Kimball stops them and sends them on their way. Meanwhile Tucker and Felix are on an actually mission against the Federation but we are unsure what their objective is.

It was a great episode and gives us a picture of how everyone is doing. Towards the end of last season we find out that Kimball and the New Republic knew the Reds and Blues as legendary heroes from their fights with Project Freelancer. However the truth is no one really knows how they have lived this long. Grif, Simmons, Tucker, and Caboose were all given their own squads but they are all a bit odd. Grif’s team works well, but only at raiding the mess hall. Simmons has a unit full of girls he can’t talk to. Shockingly Caboose has a unit that is super loyal to him despite being led by Caboose. It seems that Tucker might be the only one doing slightly well.

Now I am 100% sure this season is going to throw everyone. At the end of last season we found out that Carolina was talking with the Federation and maybe even leading it. Which begs the question on where Church is? Both were missing during Season 11 but if Carolina is back it might mean the return of Church as well.


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