Hit and Run: A Review of Red vs Blue Season 12 Episode 2

A few days late but this past Monday Rooster Teeth put out another fantastic episode of Red vs Blue! This week we get to see Tucker and his squad in action.


*Post contains spoilers*

Felix, Tucker, and his squad are at a Federation base to gather intel on where they are holding Washington and the others. However the security at the base is greater than they expected. Felix moves to plan B, blow up the base and leave. Tucker however has a different idea. He wants to find Washington and the others no matter what. But it seems that will have to wait. Using tactics Tucker saw on TV he and two members of his squad sneak in to plant bombs. That is until Tucker hears some soldiers talking about a Freelancer. Tucker assumes they mean Washington and moves in to try to actually gather some intel.

While he is able to get some copies on to a flash drive things quickly get out of hand fast. As Tucker gets the flash drive and cloaks himself Locus shows up and kills one of his men. They sound the alarm forcing Felix to blow some of the charges early. Tucker manages to get out but they are still missing one man. The other one of his soldiers gets confused for a bomb expert and is forced to try to pretend he knows what he is doing. Tucker hopes to wait for him. However when Felix learns that Locus is there he blows the rest of the bombs killing Tucker’s soldier in the blast.

Things got very real very fast in this episode and Tucker learns the price of his actions. While he was able to gather intel that might lead them back to Washington and the others it cost him the lives of two of his squad members. On a lighter note, you can totally tell that Felix is voiced by Miles Luna in this episode. There is a great scene where Felix is asked if he will be okay on his own. He responds with throwing a knife at an enemy and simply saying, “I am fucking awesome”

Also Space rats.


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