King of the Damned: A Review of Supernatural Season 9 Episode 21

As the season comes closer to the end the conflicts in both Heaven and Hell are really heating up. A lot happens in both conflicts in this episode and it really makes me excited to see how this season ends!


*Post contains spoilers*

A lot happens in both conflicts this week and it really starts to set the tone for the end of the season and even makes you wonder what will happen in season 10. I feel like it will be easier to talk about the episode if I split it up into two parts, one for angels and one for demons. So first let’s talk about the angels. We recently saw Cas embrace his role in the conflict and he has now rallied a number of angels to his side. After capturing someone who claims to be in Metatron’s inner circle he calls Sam and Dean to come help him. He feels that Sam and Dean will get better results than he would on his own. Not so shockingly Dean jumps at the chance to get to torture someone.

However soon after they start Sam figures they should go about it a different way since if he lets Dean take the lead the angel will die before he can talk. In a hilarious scene, Sam and Dean basically trick the angel into talking. Standing there in disbelief that this guy could be working with Metatron. This makes him try to defend himself and basically telling them everything they need to know. It seems that Metatron was recruiting a small elite squad for something. Not only that but there is still a way into Heaven through a portal. Sadly the portal is constantly moving and Metatron controls when and where it will be. Shortly after Sam and Dean are done questioning him someone kills the angel. It would seem that Cas has a mole in his ranks.

Cas then seeks out Gadreel. Cas asks him to see that he is on the wrong side and plays to Gadreel feeling misunderstood. Gadreel talks as if Metatron has a hold over him but it is more so he has a deep sense of honor. And breaking his word to Metatron would betray that honor even if he might be on the ‘wrong’ side of the conflict. Cas tries to point out that under Metatron Heaven will be worse than the prison Gadreel was left in and that he has no honor. This is proven when Metatron lies to Gadreel and sends a small squad of angels to attack Cas. Later one Gadreel reaches out to Cas trying to tell him that he had no idea about the attack. Cas tells him that Metatron has a spy in his camp and asks Gadreel to do the same and lets him go.

I am not sure if the fandom will ever forgive Gadreel for what he did to Kevin but you almost have to feel for the guy. He was tricked when guarding the garden and now his whole race/family hates him for it. While the fall was a terrible thing it gave him his freedom and a second chance. You can tell from the last few episodes he doesn’t like how things are but he feels he owes Metatron something.

Back on the Hell side of things, Abaddon steps up her game. Using a spell she goes back in time and kidnaps Crowley’s son. Now we have seen before that Crowley and his son hated each other but that was before Crowley had human blood flowing in him. Abaddon uses his son as leverage to get him to help trick the Winchesters. While Crowley agrees he tries to warn the brothers not to actually come and that it is a trap. But Dean is drawn to using the First Blade and doesn’t tell Sam. It is here that we truly see what the First Blade can do. Dean charges in and gets pinned by Abaddon. However he is able to break her hold and start moving towards her. She even knocks the Blade out of his hand and Dean is able to summon it to his hand(Very Luke Skywalker in the wampa cave). In the end Dean is able to kill Abaddon but starts to lose control again. It is Sam again that snaps him out of it.

The brothers let Crowley live but warn him that he must send his son back. Even the smallest change to the past can have huge ripple effects. Crowley of course ignores them and while he leaves his son in the present he does not stay with him. But it is a better life then he would have back in the past. I am sure this will come back into play at some point.

On the ride back Sam talks to Dean about the First Blade. Now Dean knew it was a trap but never told Sam. He claims that he knew Sam would have wanted to either not go or go after Abaddon with him. But Dean claims that Sam would have just gotten in the way and the First Blade just makes everything calm. It has been clear to the audience for some time that the First Blade is doing something to Dean. But this is the first time Sam really brings it up. He tells Dean that they should hide the blade away until they need to use it on Crowley. But Dean simple just says no.

With Abaddon gone, Crowley will be left unchallenged in Hell and will be able to rebuild his empire. Now we just have to see how the first between Cas and Metatron will end. Metatron seems to think no matter what he can win but that has yet to be seen. We will just have to see how the season ends. I personally can’t wait!

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