Ragtag: A Review of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 21

This is the last episode of the season before the finale and boy is it a good one. As an added bonus we get to see where Ward came from!


*Post contains spoilers*

Last week the team was hit with some hard truths. Ward has been Hydra all along and that there is no more S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson makes it clear to everyone that he is going after Garrett and that if anyone wants out they can leave. Of course the team stays and they start trying to track down Hydra. At the end of last episode they were able to unlock Skye’s hard drive and get all their research gathered over the past season. However Skye left a trap on the drive. It would basically allow them to track their movements. Sadly Skye didn’t have time to complete it so to activate it she must use one of their computers. The hard part is now finding one. While the team continues to try to find one Coulson and May find the common factor in all of this.

Everything comes back to the company Cybertek. They sent parts to Quinn to help build Deathlok which leads back to Garrett and Hydra. The team uses some older gear from Triplet’s grandfather’s days as a Howling Commando and works on getting into Cybertek. However once inside things don’t go as planned. In the whole building they can not find a single computer. Which makes sense when Coulson and May find a whole room of written records going back years. This eventually leads them to find the file on the Deathlok project and finding out that Garrett was the first one.

They escape with the files and are eventually able to track them down to a base in Cuba. Bet let’s take a step back and talk about Ward. I still hate him but this episode shows why he is a little twisted. It starts 15 years ago when he first meets Garrett. Ward is in a  juvenile detention facility for trying to burn down his house. Not only that but his older brother was inside so he is also facing attempted murder charges. Garrett shows up and offers him a deal to come work for him. However things do not go as Ward thought they would. Garrett’s first lesson to Ward is living on his own. He leaves him alone in the middle of no where for six months to see if he can make it. Of course Ward does but he is pissed about it. After that Garrett continues to train him.

Skip head five years when Garrett tells a Ward about who he really works for. After S.H.I.E.L.D. failed to save Garrett on a mission Garrett starts to think he is more loyal to S.H.I.E.L.D. than they are to him. This leads him to working for Hydra. Soon after Ward is accepted into S.H.I.E.L.D.’s academy. His final test is to prove he is not weak by killing the dog he has been living with for years. He fails and we see Garrett kill the dog. So is Ward evil? Maybe not. But being brought up and raised by Garrett has left him twisted. No matter what it seems he will follow Garrett to the end. We also learn that Flowers learns some truths about where Skye is from. Claiming that the village she was found in was attacked by monsters and those monsters were Skye’s parents. Not only do we find that out but it also seems that Garrett is dying. He is trying to find the Guest House drug for himself more so finding it for the Deathlok soldiers.

Back in Cuba the team splits up. Fitz and Simmons work on finding the Bus while the others check out the secret base down there. The base seems empty and they go in to try to find a computer so Skye can work her magic. Meanwhile Fitz and Simmons find the Bus but are told to stand down. However they are cut off by Ward. Once on the plane Fitz uses a small E.M.P. to take out Garrett hoping it will ‘free’ Ward. They are sent away while Ward tries to save Garrett. Ward is then ordered to kill Fitz and Simmons and heads off to do so. Meanwhile Garrett has Flowers use the last of the Guest House Drug to save him. Fitz and Simmons were able to lock themselves in a room and try to reach out to Ward. However Ward must follow his orders. He drops they room they were in down into the ocean. We don’t know if they are dead or alive. The drug works on Garrett and he claims he can now see the universe.

Back in the base they find it empty however soon after they find a computer they are jumped by a number of Deathlok soldiers. Back in D.C. Quinn meets with military leaders to try to sell them Deathlok Soldiers. Which seems to be working which is scary. With only one episode left I have no idea how things will end!

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