Gwenpool #14 Review

The start of the new arch in Gwenpool is all about Gwen trying to bring her friend Cecil back to life. This issue begins with Gwen and Cecil seeing there friend, Third Eye. They awake in the trunk of The Hellcharger and our adventure begins.

The guest stars of this issue are Robbie Reyes and Kate Bishop. They both play a fairly large role in the story and with a comic series like Gwenpool, that has a lot of crossovers. It’s nice to see them playing a role in the plot.

The artwork in this issue is a little off, in my opinion. The ones that I find to be the most weird are the Ghost Rider drawings. I think Myisha Haynes is a good artist but she doesn’t draw Ghost Rider very well.

Overall I am a Ghost Rider fan so I enjoyed the issue, personally. It was also a very good issue in general just for the story and the action, along with the artwork.


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